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Found 4 results

  1. I've been trying to disassemble all kinds of electric appliances for electronic scrap but nothing seems to work; I don't get any menus or choices to do it.... I have a Screwdriver in my inventory, yet I don't see any options to take stuff apart. Do I need the Saw as well or some other new tool? Do I need to be playing as Electrician or Engineer to do it? Are there any books/magazines I must read before being able to do it with another class (like with Generators)? Is there only a specific type of electronic appliance that can be taken apart? I've already tried TVs, Freezers, Vending Machines, Microwaves, Washing Machines, Soda Dispensers, Cash Registers. But nothing works....
  2. This is perhaps the biggest realistic element I see missing in this game... Why can we not move around or remove the stuff within our base? Why can't we grab some stuff from other places and bring it to our home? And finally, why do we have to use the Sledge to remove furniture instead of just, like, grabbing it and trowing it away (something which, by itself, is pretty unrealistic. See my other thread for my suggestions for the Sledge.)? If it was the Zombie Apoc, what would stop us from grabbing a chair or a BBQ from the backyard of our already-zedified neighbors? If we need water, what would stop us from grabbing one of those office water fountains and bringing them home? Or why can't we grab another freezer to store our perishables once the other one's full? This feature NEEDS to happen. Because in a game that's about realism, having to use a slege to destroy a garden chair instead of just moving it away completely destroys the realism....
  3. After playing Project Zomboid for quite a while, I realized that I was very much peeved by having to be the one to run around screaming to get ZedHeads away from my humble abode. I decided that a system of timed distractions (Much like the ones found in the fantastic State of Decay) would be entirely welcome. I would be able to, perhaps, place a distraction in that house down the street, and run off to loot the supermarket while the Zeds were paying attention to all the noise. (If anyone is still wondering, by Timed Distraction I mean some sort of noisemaker with a fuse. Maybe a teddy bear with an alarm clock attached? >.<) Some obvious cons to this genius idea are the evident possibilities regarding usage in a multiplayer setting. The distractions may be used for grinding, or (Gasp!) as a form of griefing other players. I hope to brainstorm answers to these dilemmas with the assistance of my fellow Survivors. (If I reeeally felt some people wanted something like this, I would be willing to go ahead and try and mod it in. While it wouldn't be outside my abilities as a coder, I have not yet been able to successfully modify Project Zomboid. If anyone has any Up-To-Date tutorials on the Lua API for Zomboid, please link them )
  4. I apologize firstly for the small book below, and if this has been suggested previously, as I am new to the forum. I've been playing PZ for a while, and have thought that a reloading system (similar to "Fallout: New Vegas") would be a major addition to the game. As an avid shooter in real life, I understand the advantage of having the tools required to reuse my spent shell casings. It isn't a hobby EVERY shooter does, but I'm sure every shooter appreciates. In the game, I understand that we are trying to survive, and not scrounge on mall parking lots looking for little brass shell casings (hard enough to find when you aren't looking over your shoulder for zombies) but if the player were able to find occasional small and rarely large caches of used, empty brass (or hulls, for shotgun...of course) and able to find lead fishing weights or tire weights, BBs or anything that could be melted and poured into a mold (nails for a shotgun shell...picture it...you know you want to), it would add to the atmospheric realism, as in a war-torn suburban region (especially in Kentucky) these would be fairly common. Regular smokeless gunpowder would have to be scavenged, but blackpowder can be made from natural materials (no, I'm not familiar with what exactly they are, but it is something a lot of preppers talk about doing). The only other element would be finding primers (the part of the cartridge that ignites the powder...makes it go boom). These come in sleeves of 100 in real life, and if a cache of reloading supplies were found, they would likely be in the mix. The best example i can give is to check out "Fallout: New Vegas's" reloading system. You can find the brass and hulls in the world, and for every round fired, theres a percent chance (i don't know what, maybe 20%) that you will recieve an empty case. The powder is found in jars, and cannot be crafted. The bullets are constructed from a parent materieal simply referred to as "lead." Primers are also found in the world...there are different sizes but i wont go into that for the purpose of this post. An example cartridge would require 1 case (of respective cartridge, since PZ doesnt deal with cartridge, it would simply be 'pistol' or 'shotgun shell'), lets say 5 powder, 1 primer, and 7 lead. Bigger cartridges would take more powder and more lead and so on. In F:NV the player must use reloading stations that cannot be moved...however in PZ, the use of single-stage, hand presses could be used to allow hauling back to base camp. The other advantage this could allow...again pointing at Fallout...is the ability to craft different types of rounds. Although armor piercing (until you have the military to deal with) wouldnt be practical, the use of hollow-point (HP) and jacketed-soft-point (JSP) would grant some combat bonuses. Maybe I'm getting too deep with this, I just know it's a valid skill. I'm aware it would really take some doing to do it right, but it would give an extra dynamic to the shooting element of the game. The use of smokeless vs blackpowder would cause some grief in real life, and would demand constant cleaning of guns...so it would be a matter of where do we draw the line. It would also possibly open up a new 'profession' for participants in a role-playing server. Someone who can keep you in ammo is as important as your botanist and your doctor.
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