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Found 4 results

  1. I searched the forum and didn't find anything about this. I'm really bad at this. I don't have much luck in forums but I guess I should try. I've been playing the game now for 10 days with 137 hours (the game is very addictive mostly because of the community) mostly playing in PVP servers. I am a DayZ player and I think that PVP gives more thrill to the game because unlike bandits, zombies can't reach you above the ground level and by stocking food, you can survive forever which is not my interest. In the next lines that you're about to read are some comparisons to other games. Viewer discretion is advised. I am not saying that the game is inferior to them but rather learn from them and make the game better. Let us not be biased on what we already have and always have room for improvements. I hope you do not hate me for doing this. I added spoilers to the comparisons so you can read in your discretion. This will not only affect PVP in online but PVE with NPC survivors in the near future. Moving on to the subject, I think that the PVP system is neatly done but has a few number of flaws. Here's a list of a few things that should be worked on. Feel free to agree or disagree on my opinions. 1. Stealth in PVP The only stealth you can have on other players is by aiming your mouse at the edge of your screen to see the player from afar. The player you're stalking can do this as well and easily see you. Warning: Comparison Cat and mouse gameplay is one of the best way to add intensity to PVP. Imagine a bandit shooting you and you don't know where he is. In zomboid reality, you aim around and you see that skull above him then shoot him back and I think they need to work on that. It will also balance the game. Let's say a player with sprint lvl 10 who kills everyone chases a fresh spawn because he saw his name. If the fresh spawn is smart, he can hide even after the bandit sees him. But because of minor flaws in the game, this is not likely. Sometimes, when I'm walking outside the street and aiming through windows, a name pops up. Sometimes with a skull which makes it a lot more noticable. Right now, I have 2 suggestions in mind. Warning: Another comparison: I suggest that in game, you only see the name of the player if they are running but while walking or standing still, the name will not be revealed unless you're close to the player. The new problem will be knowing if they have safety on or off. Since there is a safety system, I think that they can only add this feature if your safety is off. A drawback to that is that bandits would have the advantage. A change in color perhaps? I think this problem can be easily fixed with a little creativity. I have another idea because of Aniketos mentioning the ability of the characters on spotting and their "eyesight". Yes, that means now we will have more effects for the eagle eyed and short sighted traits. The idea is that the name of others will be showed only if your character's ability to see them is in effect. An eagle eyed player will see the name of a player from afar and a shortsighted one will have to get closer to see it. I use shortsighted trait and I don't notice a difference. This might help balance these traits and make them more effective. 2. The Safety System I think that the safety system adds a more friendly and less KOS pvp community. That is great indeed but it also adds more traitors and betrayals. You all know this as a player with safety on who says he's friendly. Later on, you see that skull then he either bashes you with a bat, axe your neck or put a bullet on your head. Warning: Another comparison. Skip this if you're already mad at me. The safety system adds more "trust" in a person with safety on and less with the players who have it off. This might not be much of a problem but It can affect the community. Trash talks about traitors and liars are frequent in global chat when this happens. I've read that there is a 1 second window after turning off safety but what if you're not looking at the player? What if he stays behind you waiting for the opportunity to strike? How about the less fortunate players who has bad connection? Would they have enough time to react? I noticed that when you toggle your safety mode, there is a delay bar. I'm not sure how that works. Does it show the skull already while it's activating? If not, then maybe add that to the system. Also a text saying "Player safety is turning off" above the said player that would be seen from behind would be good. Like I said, this is not a major flaw, but it might affect the community. This can be also abused to take advantage of the enemy. The community is the reason why I play. It's fun to be around people from all over the world with good sense of humor. Sometimes, things like these just happen and it is not fun. 3. Player Health system This section may have mistakes. Correct me if I'm wrong. In the first few days playing the game, I was impressed about how detailed and realistic the medical system works. Treating each different wound differently depending on their nature made me very interested in the game. After playing in a PVP server for a while, I started having questions. Warning: Just a story. No comparison this time. The effectiveness of firearms or other weapons of a player depends on their skill. Sometimes, I one shot zombies with an axe or do a headshot with pistols. This might mean that there is a chance for a critical hit. The skills works well on zombies, but no effect on players except for firearms that helps you hit your target and also that rapid firing pistol at lvl 10 aim (which is very deadly). Maybe the damage as well but I think it needs more work. I suggest an overhaul of the player health system that adds places where vital organs are at. Arteries and vulnerable bones as well. That way, when a critical hit is scored, a vital spot is damaged and will be harder to treat by normal means. Yes this means an overhaul of the medical system as well. It will be a lot of work but will make the game much more realistic and harder. Here are some ideas: Damage in your lungs deals severe amounts of damage and will get you easily exhausted.Damage in your stomach deals severe amounts of damage and requires you to have more food. Or maybe you can't eat? Not sure which is better or more realistic.Damage in your brain deals massive amounts of damage and gives you bad coordination (like when you're drunk) and also a massive reduction in many skills like aim, accuracy. Also adds a reduction in action speed and if possible, unconsciousness.Damage in your arteries deals severe amounts of damage and you will suffer from a very severe bleeding until it is treatedDamage in your spinal chord deals severe amounts of damage will periodically 'paralyze' your character for a few seconds.Damage in your eyes deals a significant amount of damage and will deteriorate your vision.Damage in your legs deals a significant amount of damage will obviously reduce your speed.Damage in your arms deals a significant amount of damage, slow down melee attacks, massively reduce accuracy and reduce the effectiveness of weight reduction when equipping an item.Damage in your heart will deal massive amounts of damage will affect exhaustion, fatigue (in SP) and makes you suffer from massive bleeding unless treated.Damage in liver deals severe amounts of damage gives you a chance of food poisoning even if the food is clean.Damage in your ears deals a significant amount of damage and will impair your hearing.Damage in your kidneys deals severe amounts of damage and will sometimes poison you even if the water is clean it will also affect your thirst.Damage on any other bone will deal a significant amount of damage and will behave differently on each limb.All vital points deal damage overtime until they are treated. I'm not really good in biology so if there are more vital organs that I need to add, tell me. "So Weighland, how will we treat these organ damages?" I'm no medical expert but for this to happen, it will need an overhaul of the medical system. So some of you will say that the guns deal large amounts of damage already to allow more damage. Yes this will also mean an overhaul of the weaponry. It can stay the same for the zombies, but should change when it comes to players. In reality, I think that there are few elements of weapons that will allow damage to the human body. Velocity/Force - The higher the velocity along with the weight of the weapon/projectile before impact, the higher the damage. Sturdiness/Material - The harder the object, the less time of impact (the higher the time of impact, the less the force.) This means the harder the object, the higher the damage. The shape of the weapon/projectile (this is where we will focus on) - A blunt weapon will cause bruises or broken bones. A sharp weapon will cause scratches, cuts and maybe dismemberment if added to the game (most probably not because no one wants to lose their arms.) Projectiles will penetrate your skin, flesh and sometimes bones depending on the projectile."So Weighland, where is this going? What about the damage?" Well I think we need to completely remove the damage of the weapons on players. "How will we kill if we don't deal damage?" You will deal wounds. Different kinds of wounds on different kinds of weapons. The damage will be dealt by the wounds, not the gun. The gun will simply cause them. A blunt weapon, a baseball bat or a crowbar will cause bruises and sometimes scratches. A critical hit scored on a bat will break a bone. An upgrade to the bat will cause it to deal scratches. Deep wounds on the bone that will be broken is dealt in a critical strike.A sledgehammer will instantly break a bone and cause bruises if hit. If a critical hit is scored, It can break the spinal chord or damage an organ.A blade weapon, a knife (Kitchen and Hunting knife has roughly the same shape and only their durability will make a difference) for example will cause scratches with average bleeding. A critical hit will deal a deep wound, a stab, that deals significant bleeding. It may also cut an artery or damage an organ on a critical hit.An axe will cause deep cuts on hit and significant bleeding. A critical hit can break a bone, tear an artery or damage an organ. It may also damage the spinal chord.A butter knife won't do much but deal scratches with minor bleeding. Maybe it will stab on a critical hit then add a deep wound with significant bleeding.Guns can deal scratches at a low aim levels, around lvl 0-2 (can still cause deep wounds) but will always deal deep wounds on levels higher then 2 by bullet holes. The damage will still depend on the bullet. All types of bullets can damage all vital points.A 9mm ammo can deal damage on arteries and organs and can sometimes penetrate bones. The skull protects the brain and the ribs protect the heart but can still be penetrated with a medium chance. If it does not penetrate the skull, the bullet is still there but no damage is done to the organ. (Yes I know 9mm can penetrate them but it needs balancing. Imagine a rapid fire destroying your brain.)A shotgun shell will deal the effects of 9mm multiple times, depending on the range fired and aim skill of the shooter. It will have a lower chance to penetrate the skull and ribs.Both rifle rounds can penetrate through the skull and ribs easily. It will always hit with deep wounds since it needs a high aim skill to operate effectively. A critical shot will have have the same chance to hit the brain and the heart as any other organ.As you can see, all normal hits will cause bleeding or bruises (which is painful and counted as minor bleeding) in exception to the sledgehammer. "So Weighland, you're suggesting we turn 'health' into 'blood'? Just like in your other game?" Not necessarily but it is a much better representation to the system. And no it's not another comparison to the other game since there you just bleed. In this system, your wounds will cause the bleeding and death. "So if i shoot you 16 times with a pistol in less than 2 seconds, I still need to wait for around 3 seconds before you bleed out?" Well, if your aim is low, most of them will be scratches and yes you will wait. On the other hand, if you score a critical hit, significant amounts of damage are instantly dealt after damaging a certain organ. "This critical hit seems nasty. How will this work?" Here's how. The base chance for a critical hit is 10%. Each point in the skill will add 1.5% to melee, 1.5% to shotguns, and 1% to rifles and pistols. When the skills are maxed out they will be 25% in melee. The shotgun has a 25% critical chance in max aim and divides this chance to each pellet landed on the target. The pistol and rifle's chance is halved when you start aiming which then doubles after aiming for a short duration. This means that in max aim, it starts off at 10% then rises up to 20% depending on the time spent in aiming. Remember, higher aiming skill means faster aiming time. This will mean you have to train your aim or accuracy up if you want to be victorious in a firefight. This is just my idea of how to improve the Player Health system. It is a lot of work, I know. It might never be implemented but I'm just here suggesting ideas. Maybe TIS will get some out of it. Feel free to add your opinions. If I think it's good or if most of you think it is, I will add it to the list. I will also update this if I have new ideas.
  2. Sorry if this has been posted on all ready but are their any plans on adding a way to combat fire ? Both if you find your self on fire or like a cooking fire starts to get out of hand, running around to put it out seems kinda silly. Stop drop and roll ? Grabbing a bucket to pour water on it , use a wet towel to smother it ? I bring this up because while playing multi player this morn some troll set my militia out post on fire I got lucky and it started to rain so I only lost like 7 sections of outer walls but it could have destroyed the entire out post
  3. Description This mod adds a confirmation dialog for situations where the character is about to consume something that is potentially harmful to their health. Currently this includes anything that is: Dangerous when uncooked, and hasn't been cooked yetRottenPoisonous (bleach)The bleach check is currently hardcoded since there's no function for checking whether a given item is poisonous. Should a new PZ version be released that has other poisonous consumables than bleach, someone please post in this thread to let me know, and I'll update the mod. Install and download instructions Place the folder contained in the mod .zip file into your C:\username\Zomboid\mods folder or equivalent. Select the mod from the ingame mods menu and restart the game. Click here to download the mod.LicenseYou are permitted to modify and redistribute the mod files as long as the original author is credited. CreditsThanks to EnigmaGrey for inspiring the mod, and RoboMat for scripting help. Version historyV1: 27th Dec 2013, initial release.
  4. So basically, we've all had that one time where we've been out scavving with a loaded shotgun and we clicked on a context menu believing that this could only result in picking up a bag of sugar on your quest for tea (in memory of Connall http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/3227-whats-your-best-nooooooooooooooooo-moment-in-pz/), but all you did was fire off the loudest most unexpected shotgun blast ever. Not only did you not get your much needed sugar, you now have about 200 zombies shambling as fast as their little decaying legs will shamble and you have one less round in your beloved shotty. That sucks, implementing a manually toggled "safe mode" would make this a thing of the past, and though you may argue that this would be clunky you gotta admit, hitting a button to make sure you don't fire off a round into a wall is better than the UI bugging and you getting mauled to death. Your 2 cents is welcome. And yes I know this has probably been suggested just like every single other suggestion on this subforum.
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