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Found 3 results

  1. Could someone make a mod for a folding aluminum camping chair? You could keep it with you and always have a place to sit by your fire, sleep, rest. I tried finding a portable chair mod on the mod site but didn't find one.
  2. First off: Sorry if this have been made before, I haven't seen it. And if it has been made it a good idea. I was thinking that there should be varying levels of rest. That is, you should get a small bonus (similar to the one you get for being well-fed) for resting in a bed as compared to a chair or a couch and maybe get a small penalty for resting in a chair. Also, you should be able to sleep on the ground, especially if you have say blankets/sleeping bags, which I do believe has been proposed, here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10914-blankets-sleeping-bags-maybe-even-a-snuggies/?hl=%2Bsleep#entry140908 Thoughts? I was thinking like a slight boost to healing, stamina, and how long till you feel drowsy again for a good nights sleep in a bed v.s. sleeping on the floor with a shitty blanket = more prone to sickness, minor pain?, reduced stamina,etc
  3. The sleeping system is pretty much useless in MP, since it speeds up time. And that would de-sync the server, and/or its clients. So here's what I'm thinking. Substituting sleep for "Resting" and add 2 new animations. sitting down and laying down. So you would get tired as time went by and you performed activities, the same as normally in the SP game, but instead of sleeping, you sit down to rest. Benefits. Reduces anxiety Reduces tiredness It would give us an incentive to use all that fancy furniture that it is meant to be used. You should still be able to sort the inventory while resting. Also reading books.
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