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Found 1 result

  1. I came up with an idea of a tier based energy system. For starts you would be able to build a car battery bank, made of 3-5 battery's. This would have a life span of a day or so powering something before it ran out. With the addition of a trolley (they type UPS guys use to move boxes) you would have a portable battery bank that you could push around. With the addition of jumper cables this could be used as a arch welder, which would quickly drain the battery's, but could be used to make steel items (or apply steel to already built wood items to reinforce then) such as fences, door etc. It could also be used in the construction of other more advanced electricity making items. The bike generator could be make from, say, a bike, a few planks and nails, a fan belt and an alternator. It would very slowly put charge back into a battery bank. Not fast enough to power anything, but fast enough that if the a battery bank was being used as a welder you would slowly be able to accomplish your project over a few days. Your next project could be a small wind turbine, constructed from a radiator fan, an alternator, scrap metal and would require a welder to make. It would also put out a small amount of electric, similar to the amount that the bike put out, but a constant supply of it, instead of just when you where using the bike. The wind turbine would create enough electricity to power a few light constantly, anything larger would slowly drain the battery. Now that you have a more reliable renewable energy that doesn't require direct effort to produce, you would be abl to make some larger products. The next project on your tier tree could be a wood gasifier (read my post on it if you are unsure of what they are) which would require more welds then the turbine. It would also require 2 44gl drums (which could only be moved one at a time, and would be visibly carried by the character, slowing them down and reducing visibility), steel pipes (note the plural), a small motor (lawn mower) and an alternator. This would require many days of charging the battery bank to complete the welds (which wouldn't have to be done all at once - a project could be half welded, the bank die, and then days later when the bank was recharged, work could continue), and would also require a fairly decent amount of wood (x2 wood per hour? One to burn, one to gasify a can't remember the current burn rate for wood, but double that). The up side to this would be that your new generator would be able to power a few things constantly, such as a fridge and a few light AND charge your battery bank. The down side would be the noise (which could maybe be muffled with some additional items, or purchase a new exhaust could be a weld able item) There is obviously a lot more that would need to go into this, as well as a few more 'project' that you could built to make to undertaking desirable, but you get the idea - the tl dr; you could slowly create more and more constant electricity, a key item in doing so would be the previous creation of electricity. Other projects: electric fence, metal walls and doors, repair cars, large gates (car entrance), watch tower (?), more durable tools/tool repair, cages. Anyone else got any ideas?
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