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Found 2 results

  1. It rustles my jimmies that while the nutrition (hunger) for food and remaining condition of weapons is neatly displayed when you expand the item in inventory, it doesn't show the remaining amount of drainable items and water containers, making you having to hover on each item to figure out which item is partialy depleted and which is not. It's less problem for water as you can pour water from one container to another, it's really problematic with other items, if you want to take a item with more uses on you or use up the ones that are partially empty to gain some extra weight in containers, since you can't combine them (another feature I'd love to see BTW). I know the UI update is coming down the road (I think!), but would be nice to see that before it anyway
  2. Had a bit of a brain wave today. Often, when playing PZ, I don't bother levelling up my carpenting skill that quickly. Even when the water supply konks out, I know there's enough charges left in nearby taps, showers and toilets to keep me going for a while. Often, I'll start filling buckets and cooking pots full of water, then haul them back to the safehouse for a nice little reserve to keep me going until I finally get around to learning to saw a log in half properly. This normally results in a container full of containers of water in the safehouse. So, I got to thinking about water management. I suggest that we be given the ability to empty containers of water into a rain barrel, and that some form of indicator be implemented to inform us how full a water barrel is (in addition to the visual feedback we get now). Say, when you're standing near a rain barrel, you right click on a bucket of water. You see a prompt 'Pour into container: Rain barrel, 75% full'. Click, and there the water goes, just like pouring water into the various empty bottles we have now. Why would this be useful? You might not be getting that much rain, but the full water barrel is a damned useful asset. So, you haul water. The water gets placed in a single, centralised location that you can use to fill up your watering cans, bottles, etc. without the ponderousness of having to fill them by pouring: Instead of having a full cooking pot and a bottle in your inventory, pouring water into the bottle, and storing the pot back in the cabinet, you can simply right-click on the rainbarrel and fill the bottle direct. Suddenly, a rainbarrel doesn't need to be crafted outside to be useful. You could store a large amount of water in a rainbarrel indoors, while your collection point is outside, or hidden elsewhere. Convenience. Maybe the external source of water (be it another barrel, a well, houses with water still in the pipes) has been cut of by zombies, or perhaps you don't want to erect a structure outside that screams 'safehouse' to avoid attracting other players on a PVP server. Or perhaps you're doing some gardening indoors, and walking back outside to fill the watering can is too much of a pain. Again, the convenience of having a large amount of water right there, where you need it. To further extend the concept, perhaps the player could craft a 'water barrel' or 'water tank'. Similar in capacity to the end-tier rain collecting barrel, but craftable at a much lower skill level. This water container would be inferior to even the first teir rain collector, or be incapable of collecting rainwater altogether, but would serve as a convenient place to stockpile water in and around the safehouse. A 'water barrel' could be cheaper in terms of resource expenditure too. You could argue that the large amount of garbage bags used in the construction of the existing rain collecting barrels are used to not only waterproof the container, but serve as a water catchment framework (i.e: Plastic funnel) to help collect water better. The 'water barrel' could then require less garbage bags to construct, as you're only making the barrel water tight. Or perhaps the amount of bags needed to make the high-end rain barrel (or both) could be raised to make storing hauled water more attractive. As a final alternative to consider, perhaps the 'water barrel' concept could be pushed towards the other extreme and become an expensive and very high capacity water storage vessel, ideal for storing all the usable water for a fortress. TL;DR The ability to pour water from containers back into a rain barrel would enable us to stockpile water inside rain barrels situated indoors, or during a dry spellBeing able to pour water from containers into rain barrels would make hauling water from nearby houses a much more attractive proposition, as you no longer need to collect a large amount of pots/buckets to store this hauled waterA new rain barrel ('water barrel') that is very bad/incapable of collecting water, has the same overall capacity, and is easier to craft than an end tier rain barrel would be highly useful. Stockpiling rain or hauled water indoors, or close to where it is needed (i.e: kitchen, indoor garden) would be most convenientEven when the ability to stockpile water in a bathtub (or similar pre-made container) is implemented, being able to build a water storage container (rain barrel or water barrel) wherever you want would give players more flexibility in how they set up their safehouses/supply caches.
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