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Found 2 results

  1. lordixi

    About rotten food

    Problem 1: Some food does not adds "Rotten" in title when becomes rot: Apple, Leek, Onion, Orange, Tomato, Watermelon Slice, Steak and maybe others. Problem 2: "Rotten Potato Salad" does not increase unhappiness and boredom. Problem 3: 0014, Survival mode, with save\load and without em, in safe mode and in normal mode. Day 1-2th. I run to hotel, take all food and settled at top house (see screenshot). Then I run for houses below. In "red" houses I just looked in refrigerators, in "yellow" house I take food from refrigerator and put it back, and i don't even enter in any other houses in the game. Day 10th. Food in refrigerators in "red" and "yellow" houses, that I looked at 1-2th days, are ok. But food in refrigerators in other houses, which I didn't looked before (I checked about 10 of them), becomes rotten! I played another 2 games with same rules (see screenshots) and situation does not changed: after 10th day (maybe earlier) food in fridges which I looked is ok and food in fridges which I didn't look becomes rotten. Why it's happens? It seems like at start of game all refrigerators turned off and my goal for a first week is to turn on as much refrigerators as I can by looking in it. It must be like this or it's a bug? Suggections: 1. Items, which rot in real life, but not rot in the game: Ham, Butter, Cheese Sandwich, Cupcake, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Icecream. Make them rot. 2. Make an ability to pour onto ground any food from Bowl/Cup/Pot
  2. I would love to craft this things: But except that the devs want to put the profession "potter", and then you can create with clay a pot... you could only find the clay pots in some homes I think : P What you guys think.. is too bad idea? haha I was thinking about make a mod... but, I don't know anything about it, and right now my life is too lazy to try...
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