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Found 2 results

  1. Good afternoon. I want to create a Recipe that allows you, if you have the required goods, to craft your own Sledgehammer (among other things). However, I am unable to find any of the Items, Recipes, or documentation of all the Vanilla rendition things you can gather in the game. Where, in the Steam Launcher Program's PZ folder, can I find what I need. Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and warm bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  2. Greetings, I am currently using several mods, namely Hydrocraft and Desperate Crafting, but there are a few minor issues with the recipes: 1. Desperate Crafting allows you to open canned food with a knife/saw, but only vanilla cans. 2. You can scrap emptied tin cans for scrap metal, but only from emptied vanilla food cans, emptied HC cans become a different kind of tin can unrecognized in Desperate Crafting's recipes. I am very inexperienced with modding, but I managed to add an Open Canned Apple(hydrocraft food can) recipe to the game via the DesperateCrafting.txt file, which appears in-game without an icon, and requires only a saw/knife, and produces nothing. I would like to add the option to open all HC canned food with a knife/saw, and the option to scrap HC emptied cans. I think I need to say can six more times and I'm done. CANCANCANCANCANCAN. Done.
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