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Found 10 results

  1. The feature was a welcome addition to the game, showing what skills are being leveled up.. But recently on my playthroughs and especially modded ones, the text has become more of an annoyance when multiple skills are being leveled constantly, the text above the player is being spammed. "Cooking ^" Would be nice to get an option to disable this feature.
  2. I created something along these lines. Y'all can incorporate something like my solution into the vanilla game if you like. I recommended several weeks ago on these forums that something like this needs to be added. Multiple people have suggested I send it to you, so here you go: Steam Workshop::Interface Reflexes (steamcommunity.com)
  3. Ever since the map system has been implemented along with letting players mark down their map and write notes in it, many players have grown used to it, and have found their own creative ways of using it (me included), and certainly, lots of players have felt that there could have improvements to the feature. Of course, those are not needed, but they sure as hell would be welcomed. Changing Scale and Resolution of Markings Even though marking symbols and writing notes is already perfectly functional, being unable to change the scale of both icons and text can really be a nuisance when trying to keep a map clean and readable, hence why there are currently +150.000 players using the Map Symbol Size Slider mod, from capsgry. Not only that, but as soon as you zoom-in on the map, you'll realize how low-res those symbols are, which of course, would be even more noticeable if we could increase the size of them. It would be perfect if we could change the scale of symbols to our desire, and even better if they were of a higher resolution, thus losing less quality when scaled. There could have a setting in the game options so players can enable or disable those decals being compressed. Representing Physical Objects Zomboid can be one hell of an immersive game, even if we're not seeing through our characters eyes (at least, not literally), I'm sure that no player has ever managed to stay completely calm for the first time they witnessed their character panicking, probably while trying to barely escape of a horde while listening to their character's heartbeat speed up, get louder, while intense music players. The reduction of awareness from being tired, not being able to knock down a Zombie when exhausted, and the list keeps expanding. We always see our character doing specific actions, such as eating from the plate with their hands, forks or spoons, to grabbing a crowbar to unbarricade a window... but when we write down on our Journal? All we see is a GUI pop-up following Zomboid's layout in which we type text in, while the character stands still. Of course, there is absolutely no need for it, but I can only imagine how "into the game" I would feel if I could see an actual piece of paper, or ruled notebook page instead of just another GUI pop-up that I can perfectly see through, Down below you'll find a concept that I — who's very clearly not a designer — have made, that perfectly illustrates what I have in mind; As mentioned within the text, writing down on journals is a very common form of roleplaying, which only adds to the immersion. For example, any of DaFox's illustrations on "Lily's Journal", which usually shows a few illustrations followed by its inspiration being occurrences that the player lived through, and wrote down on its diary. Again, none of these could be considered a "must have" addition, but be honest, wouldn't they be a huge improvement to how immersed we can already get when playing? Hell, I would even suggest letting players draw on pieces of paper and maps, those could even reduce Boredness! Although, we all know what most players would end up drawing. Hopefully this suggestion can be taken into consideration, so we all can live as our characters before the unevitable.
  4. When using the Build 41 filter in the workshop, it shows both b41 beta and b41 stable mods. This makes it more difficult to find mods that actually work in the most recent update. Separating the build 41 filter into b41 beta and b41 stable filters would help reduce the difficulty of modding project zomboid, especially for players that are new to project zomboid (a rapidly increasing population of players since the mp update.)
  5. I would like to start off by saying that PZ has come so far in the last few years. Indie Stone have done a fantastic job, so thanks for all the hard work, so please do not think my suggestion is a criticism. So my suggestion (or plea) is to add a colour blind option/mode. It does not need to be for the entire game, just for the Protection/Temperature pictures in the info panel would be nice. I have Achromatopsia, that is to say I do not see any colours at all so I have to ask my wife or son what colour body parts are as I find it very hard to tell them apart. It doesn't need to be anything complicated either, maybe using numbers on body parts as well as well as colours. Something along the lines of 1-5 cold / 6-10 normal / 11-15 hot. That's it really. I know that this is a pretty extreme/rare form of colour blindness, but quite a few people have differing forms of colour blindness (red/green or blue/green for example). Using numbers on the information panel would be an easiest way to help people no matter what form of colour blindness they have. I currently have to ask my wife or son what colour is currently on different body parts as I find it very hard to tell them apart. I sincerely apologize if this has been suggested before and I did do a search before I posted. This is not game breaking for me, so again thanks for all the hard work from the devs to the community.
  6. Automatically Click to start option in the settings I don't think I need to say more to describe this addition, this is more of a quality of life addition. Better for recurring players and especially modders when they would like to check if their mod is functional. The implementation would be simple. Settings screen Accessibility tab: Automatically click to start Checkbox = true/false When game is loaded: Automatically send click (or just start, however the game is coded after the loading screen of THIS IS HOW YOU DIED)
  7. Hello Devs and Community! I'd like to request you to add / discuss these features: "Take All" "Transfer All" Hotkey Binding It is already possible to batch transfer items between storages and inventory. Kudos for that, devs. But the implementation of this feature is very cumbersome. In my case it's very tiring for the wrist to aim for the buttons often. It's also mentally uncomfortable. It somehow "mentally feels" very wrong. Instead, I would prefer to press a key to "take all" or "transfer all" to empty or fill the selected inventory. It should also easily be able to implemented, because the essential functions are already present. Auto-Sort Feature I could not find an similar request for this. So there should be a button / key, to auto sort inventory items into surrounding containers. Yes, there is the "transfer all" button present - but that's more or less a quick'n'dirty way to solve storage affairs. A good storage currently involves much mouse movement and micromanagement. But in my case, I get rather bored by having to manually sort in each item over and over again. I don't want to bother with this kind of micromanagement. I'd rather like to focus on other aspects of this game. "Auto-Sort Feature" should be like: Oh, okay. So there are currently 6 containers present (including ground), within the accessible range of the player. Let's take a look, whats inside of these containers. Container1: Oh there is a bunch of nails present. Do we have nails inside the inventory? Oh great, we have 21 of them! So lets put them all into the container. There is also a nice, cuddly spiffo. Do we have a spiffos inside the inventory? Oh dang, no spiffos today. [...] Nothing more. Next container! Container2: Seems to be empty. Mkey - skip that. Neeext! Container3: Oh look! What a nice, beautiful shotgun. [...] etc. Just to clarify / TL;DR: I am trying to suggest a feature (macro?) that empties out the player's inventory into nearby containers. But not like the "transfer all" button - more like a "sort in" feature. It should transfer items to nearby containers 360° around the player, which already contain identical items.
  8. I've already posted it on reddit, but I was in doubt if it would reach the devs there, so I'm posting it here. How I think the condition of items in primary/secondary/hotbar should appear in UI to be easy to see the condition of the items on hotbar and primary/secondary slots. Note: today (build 41) the game use a Star next to the item to represent the condition on items (I removed that on the image above). I think it's not a good way to represent that, it's not easy to see nor obvious for some players. The suggestion is to replace the "Star" with the above a "colored circle" around the item. Image of how it is today: What do you think? Remember to react/like if you would like to see it in game!
  9. Quite often in PZ, being able to hear your surroundings is much more important than hearing the music. Having to go into the options to change the volume to zero is inconvenient at best; In MP, it's potentially fatal. The player would be able to mute/unmute the music at the press of a button (Ideally something unlikely to be pressed accidentally by default, eg. numpad *), and unmuting would put it back at the volume it was in the first place.
  10. One thing I felt was very unrealistic is how a person has to go through the GUI to equip different items. If I have a flashlight in my pocket, I am going to know its on my pocket. I am not going to root through different items in alphabetical order to reach it. Introducing the Holster System + Gear Wheel. The Holster System The Holster System consists of 4 variations 2 - 1 handed slots 1 - 2 handed slot 2 - 2 handed slots 4 - 1 handed slots The speed and amount equipable of holster and equipment switching is based on what you are wearing. Different Types of Holsters 1. Basic - Pant Pockets + backpack This is the slowest and has a chance of fumbling if you are in a panic state. Fumbling has a small chance of you to drop the item on the ground when switching It takes 3s to switch between the 2 handed, and 2 1 handed items 2. Gun Holster \ Knife Holster While it is a gun \ knife holster - it can be used for anything one-handed ( for sake of gameplay balance ) This speeds transition from 1 handed to 2 handed to 2s. but not 2 handed to one-handed. 3. Back Sling Used to hold 2 handed weapons Increases transition speed from 2 handed to 1 handed, drops it to 2s. 4. Back Sling + Gun Holster Transition speed between 2 handed and 1 handed and vice versa both reduced to 2s. 5. Back Sling + Utility Belt \ Back Sling + Hunting Jacket \ Back Sling + Flak Jacket Reduces both transition speed to 1.5s Other Mechanics 1. If you hold down Quick Switch instead of tapping it, it drops your current item on the floor and immediately equips the other transition speed 1s. In panic state - may slow down transition speed to 1.5s 2. You can equip 2 - 2 handed items but only back sling modifies transition speed will be 2s. But you will not be able to equip 1 handed items in quick slot. 3. Flak Jacket \ Hunting Jacket \ Utility belt also increases reload speed by 25% 4. You can equip Jacket + Weapon belt to hold 4 one handed items, but won't be able to equip a 2 handed item in quick slot. 5. You can manually equip items in normal way by going through inventory but when you switch to quick equip item by pressing equip switch - transition time is 4s for 2 handed nonquick slotted item, and 2s for 1 handed item. Gear Wheel \ Equipping Quick Slots The way it works is the player must access a new GUI menu to equip items accordingly. Gear Slots Allows the player to make Macro quick changes to their gear. of Both Weapons + Certain worn items Once the items are set up in the GUI the gear equips are handeled through a Gear Wheel ( Similar to Car ) Player can pick one "Gear set" and player will change to that set. The time it takes to change to the new gear depends on number of items that need to change between the 2 sets. Calculation is +1s for each 1 handed item +2s for a 2 handed item +1.5s for each gear item If a player removes a certain item from their backpack linked to the Gear GUI - it simply removes that item also from the Quick Equip options associated to it. Does not force player to redo everything. Gear Equips requires player to be standing still. Quick Slots Quick Slots is between the 2 groups of blue boxes. It is handled by a "Quick Switch" key. The speed of switching between the 2 sets is dependent on the Holster Mechanic described earlier. Quick slot equips can be done while the player is jogging but not running. PROs The advantage of the system is players no longer need to keep opening their GUI just to keep equipping a different set of items for different situations. They can quickly at the tap of a button switch between the two. Also have gear sets ready for different situations without having again to fumble through the inventory to equip each item individually. Much more fluid gameplay CONs Based on the amount of gear - gear switching it might even be slower - but the advantage is more convenience. Right now not enough special-purpose gear Short-range melee weapons have become almost useless with an upcoming update and need rebalancing. ( Knives used to be a great weapon, now it's near-suicidal unless sneaking from behind ) Guns have very little use in the game - thanks to the massive sound profile and zombies have better triangulation of Point of Origin than an NSA Spy satellite.
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