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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, been thinking this for a while, how about; our basic need in defecate (poop) and Urinate (piss) to eliminate fecal material, which consists of undigested food. this is basic human needs, after eat, and drink Think about it.
  2. Everybody wants to talk about realism, but one thing never seems to come up. What happens to food after you eat it? Two words: Poop Moodle. Stages of poop moodle: 1. Kinda gotta go “Could use a trip to the restroom” 2. Gotta go “Need to dump out. Get to the restroom.” 3. Getting backed up “At risk of hurting yourself. Get to a restroom. Now.” 4. Prairie-Dogging/Crowning “Do you really wanna push this? You know what happens next.” Obviously you should be able to evacuate at a toilet. But what do you do when the water shuts off? You could use a bucket and just dump it out somewhere. In a jam, you can dig a hole to poop in with your hands, a trowel, or a shovel. But be careful, you might need a minute and you'll be exposed. If you have to poop and you suddenly become panicked, you might just lose control. This mod would add a new item, Shitty Pants. Carrying this item would have negative effects, and wearing them even more so. If you crap your pants and have to run around with shitty pants on, you will start to become unhappy, nauseated, and, if the condition goes on too long, you could get and infection. And of course, not pooping can lead to pain, sickness, and a loss of health. Here's my argument: besides adding to the realism of survival, it would also add a new challenge to the game that I think could play out quite interestingly. You always die at some point, why not die while trying to poop in the woods? Plus, how funny would it be to have to deal with a character that just shit his/her pants? Probably funny the first couple of times, then you'd start taking the problem a little bit more seriously. Just like you're gonna take this mod idea seriously, once you digest the idea for a little while.
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