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Found 1 result

  1. So, again with the cabbage, must of got a rotten one, and i was in total agony and sickness, i thought : ''Hey, didn't i have some painkillers in the bathroom?'' I go check, and the answer was no. I got through all the safehouse to get some medicine, but nothing. Then i decided to go hunt some medicine, at the Cortman medical, was just a street away. After fighting off some zeds and ''stealthily'' got in the building, took all i could. Filled my 2 bags and whole inventory with pills and bandages and rushed home. When i was rushing home ( This may be a better way for you to think the situation: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.5119739877537026,0.2147564158147237,55.206143891243606 My house is the one with the white fence, which has walls being built partially, and no door on the wall.) I found that a horde of zombies was following me. At the point i was almost dead, i reached my house, and kept all the medicine in the bathroom. Then... BUMP.... BUMP.. BUMP... The zeds knew where my safehouse was, and they are banging on the door! I close all sheet curtains and lock try to barricade the door, when i remember... A forumer told me to only bring what i need. To the loot, i didn't bring nails, but i brought 3 planks accidentally. ''Damn it! Why didn't i bring the nails!'' I thought. I went to check the crate, but i had moved all the tools to the shed, that was outside the house. I locked myself in the bedroom, still in agony, and sickness growing. Also with alot of excertion, and no vitamins. Painkillers do nothing to the pain and i have heavy load, so.. Here i am! What should i do in this hard situation? Little Bob Morris is hanging in the bedroom , maybe dying because i got attacked too close to some zombies, and didnt have time to check health. No windows in the bedroom, all of them are probably being tried to break by the zombies.... I am between a rock and a hard place, and 95% of the outcome of this is death. I don't want to die in my bedroom! I wanted to die drunk and killing zombies with a shotgun at night. Do you think there is a way little Bob Morris may be spared?
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