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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to enable these 2 existing skills found in PerkFactory$Perks.class. So far I added them to the list in PerkFactory.class but they don't show in the skill panel in game, can a developer or another very skilled individual give me the directions to make them appear in game?
  2. I had this idea today about every occupation having it's special trait like "Axe Man" for Lumberjack (...I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...). Of course some of them will be better than others (compare "Desensitized" to "Night Owl" for example). My ideas would be: Fire Officer - "Fire Training" - Puts out fires quickly and never gets burnt - fire extinguishing would be broken for a while because we can't even do that yet (can we?) but in the future builds... who knows. Police Officer - "Trigger Discipline" - Uses pistols more efficiently than others - would give a bonus to accuracy with pistol, slower pistol deterioration, faster clip reloading. Park Ranger - "Man of the Woods" - Faster and quieter foraging, gets happier after a night in a tent under the stars - would give some happiness and entertainment when sleeping outside in a tent and would also not attract zombies from the entire screen when foraging, 1/2 time needed to forage Construction Worker - "Beast of Burden" - Can carry more than others - carrying all those concrete bags during his/hers would finally pay off. +3 (+4?) main inventory carrying capacity. Carpenter - "Steady Arm" - Uses less nails in construction - i.e. someting needs 6 nails to build for a non-Carpenter but for a Carpenter it drops to 4. If something needs 4 nails it would need 3 etc. etc. etc. Burglar - "Like a Shadow" - Does not trigger burglar alarms, pries windows with ease - less chance to perma-lock a window when prying, would not trigger alarms. Alarms and locks are for honest people, or so they say. Chef - "Blade Confident" - Performs jaw-stabs twice as fast, kitchen knives last much longer - would require half the animation time to jaw-stab, kitchen knife probability to drop condition would be 1 in 15 (hunting knife is 1 in 20) instead of 1 in 2. Repairman - "This Will Hold" - Puts more life in repaired items - +30% flat bonus to possible repair i.e. glue (2 uses) has 10% possible repair for a Baseball Bat. That perk would make it 40%. Farmer - Fisherman - Doctor - Fitness Instructor - "Running Enthusiast" - Does not get tired quickly when running, rests easily - could run for twice (or 2/3) the distance compared to a normal person with the same level of sprinting before getting the "Moderate exertion" moodle, would rest in half the time from exertion moodles. Burger Flipper - I have not figured out the remaining occupations yet. I was thinking of a "Frying pan Maestro" - Faster frying pan swing - for the Burger Flipper, but he gets a bonus to blade accuracy so it would make no sense.
  3. So I was playing alone in MP one day, and came up with a really sly plan: keep the loot behind the trees or under some high grass. Turned out the loot is absolutely invisible that way, unless you always walk with your inventory open in the woods. And then I remembered about the eagle eyed perk (correct me if I call it wrong, haven't played anyhing in a while to fight my computer dependency =/ ) which is, for me, bloody useless at the moment. It costs, what, about 6 points? And only thing you get is larger view and slightly higher perception. IMHO, doesn't seems worth the points. So I'd suggest having items scattered on the ground to be highlighted if player has the perk, like the sprite would have yellow profile, so you can see the item through grass or trees. Wadda you think?
  4. Outdoorsman Proposal This may already have come up or the perks of being a park ranger already modified to amount to something substantial, but I thought (as an outdoorsman myself) that maybe giving outdoorsman more rapid movement through trees and tall grass than normal? I know I always leave townies behind in the bush and park rangers seem to move with the devil at their heels when they need to. I don't think the same exact speed as when not in woods is fair but like a small speed boost relative to Z's and other NPC/PC's maybe? Or maybe give them better sight/hearing in the woods? – This doesn’t seem as feasible though and is really just a side thought. Open to criticism and improvements!
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