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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I've noticed different times with different characters that, if I accelerate time during some outdoor actions (e.g. foraging), it happens that, when a zombie approaches me, time doesn't set to normal speed and I get scratched or wounded. These guys are all agoraphobic and they panic during the action. Is all this normal?
  2. Currently, character can become panicked only if he sees zombies, so I decided to write a short list of things that can make you panic. 1. Witness murder at first times. 2. Being surrendered by zombies outside the building. 3. Triggering home/vehicle alarm. 4. Being inside burning building. 5. Falling from roof. 6. Sudden zombie appearance (from behind the corners and trees e.t.c). 7. Being under fire. 8. Being damaged. 9. Got bitten. 10. Idk what to add. You can continue list in comments.
  3. No More Panic Mod Request In short, the more zombies the player has killed, the less panicked they are when encountering them. This mod means panic reduces faster over time for more experienced survivors. It also means panic is *multiplied* for less experienced survivors. Heres the gist: 0 kills: panic * 4.00 1 kill: panic * 2.00 2 kill: panic * 1.00 5 kills: panic * 0.95 10 kills: panic * 0.90 25 kills: panic * 0.85 50 kills: panic * 0.80 100 kills: panic * 0.70 250 kills: panic * 0.60 500 kills: panic * 0.50 1000 kills: panic *
  4. Irl claustrophobia and Agoraphobia are very manageable with Beta blockers such as atenolol and propanolol. Taking beta blockers after being panicked from claustrophobia or agoraphobia doesn't lower your panicked state. Perhaps a buff of beta blockers or a change in the mechanics of How panic is induced by those traits. Or an addition of benzodiazepines as an acute panic reducer, and a de buff to beta blockers to a milder panic reliever. Benzodiazepines do have sedative effects though.
  5. Panic is now something that doesn't do much. It has practically no effect on a character. Players don't care that characters are panicked etc. I suggest implement "fear" moodle/system to fix that. It could be something like this: Character is very panicked (max lvl of "panic" moodle) for long time because for example: horde of zombies are chasing him and then player would lose control over his character for some time and character would run away mindlessly from horde. It is realistic and it would force players to maintain panic level ( like we maintain other things like hunger, health etc.) or
  6. I know in the "Common Suggestions" topic, that one of the things that will not be implemented will be military aid. I think a more likely (and difficult) senario would be having individual soldiers shooting at anything that moves out of panic. Like in the "Code Red" scene of 28 Weeks Later, where, at first, the military tries to kill everyone to stop the infection, but get overwhelmed. Of course, in the game, this would have happened much earlier, so that only a few personel are still alive and scattered all over the map. They could already be infected, or just in shock from being the only s
  7. Would the devs be interested in adding a trait that makes the player more prone to panic at night? This seems like somthing that a lot of real people have, and would fit well among the kinds of traits in the game so far.
  8. I just watched Last Level Press's "Passing Pineview Forest" video, and one of the things Mr. Black commented on was that the character seemed to be walking faster towards the end of the run, when he might reasonably be expected to be more scared. I realized, when I was commenting on the video, that that seems like a really Zomboidish thing: fear makes you breathe harder and makes your pulse race, but it also makes you step just a little (or, as the panic rises, maybe quite a bit) more lively when you're trying to walk or sneak about. Walking faster based on your Panic moodles would also have
  9. I feel like you shouldn't get completely panicked from simply going indoors. It should vary depending on the amount of room you actually have. For example, a living room or kitchen (etc.) could make you slightly panicked. Where as, a closet or a skinny hallway (etc.) could make you extremely panicked. If this is something you can eventually do, that would be awesome, if not, I love you all either way, peace.
  10. If I understand it correctly, the Panic system is intended to simulate the effects of the fight-or-flight response on the survivor: tunnel vision, degredation of fine motor control (wild swings with close-combat weapons, poor aiming with firearms, impaired stealth when moving), stress, suppression of drowsiness, acceleration of fatigue buildup, burst of strength, slowed digestion of food, faster clotting of blood, &c. (Not all of these are implemented, and I don't know if all of these will be implemented, but they make sense physically.) Based on this, I'd like to suggest a spectrum of t
  11. Hey all This is my first post here, so hello! Finally made an account, been playing PZ since early desura days, but finally had a suggestion that I wanted to share. Basically, during play I noticed that while my character has survived for a few months, killed thousands of zombies, he still panics just as easily at the sight of a zombie, or a horde even. Now, the panic mechanic is fine, great even because it makes sense, but wouldn't you start to feel slightly less intimidated or afraid of oncoming zombies after you've just beaten the skulls in of 3000 or so prior, sometimes taking on 20-30
  12. ok i have read a bit around th forum and a lot o people has been talking about panic and how you should get use to zed after some time. I think its a good idea and it should be reflect by the way you play (here comme the examples!!) ok we got 3 skill "branches" into the skill "tree" first is fighting (blunt and all) after utilitys (farming, building...) and after agility (sneak and other). I think that 2 factor the panic "ability", zed in the immediat area and those that spoted you and wish to say hello. So if you play more fighter you should get less panicked by zed on you (that are goin
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