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Found 4 results

  1. I had never built a metal roof until today, and having always used wood floors as roofs, I assumed by the description that the metal roof would be placed above me, not at my feet... It's interesting because the new(ish, for me anyway) system for picking up items is so much better than the building system, it's a shame the same ideas weren't carried across. It's especially difficult to get placement right if you're on a high level and want to line up with a structure below. With the devs saying they're adding underground levels sometime, it makes sense that the building system is upgraded to show more clearly what level you are building at. I suggest the current one-tile highlight is expanded vertically into a sort of wireframe column, with the ghost of the piece you are building at the same level as the player model. There should be keys to rotate or raise/lower the ghost before building. If the column is over the player, the player should be highlighted to indicate that the column is on the same tile, so if you're on a higher level it's easier to get oriented. The section of the column indicating the underground level could be in red, whilst those above could be varying shades of green to indicate height. Also, the same system that's used for destroying with a sledgehammer should be used for painting, as it's easy to paint through the wall you want to paint and paint the wall behind, even though you have no physical access. Some items - such as the aforementioned Metal Roof - should by default be placed at a certain position, i.e. above. Please just add wooden roofs too! It's not clear for example where wooden columns (under Walls) can be placed, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, depending on whether they intersect a fence at a certain corner or something, I haven't worked it out. Maybe some info in the tooltip? Also, could there be an option to pause while building, so you can get the placement right without wasting time? THIS: (where is it going?) vs. THIS: (a bit clearer)
  2. Hi i have been trying to plaster a side of wooden wall with no luck (i can plaster the visible side but the transparent side is unplasterable) , is it possible to add this feature in the future maybe by a drop down menu when you plaster or some other way. (There is a chance that there is already a way to do this but browsing and searching already yield no result so im sorry to post it here as a suggestion if that is the case) Thx
  3. leonhart18

    Make and Paint

    Adds craftable paints of every color using food coloring with hand done (aka not good) art for food coloring and the makeshift paint bucket. easy recipe using glue and water with color for paint buckets. now make that base pretty and post it. make and paint 1.0 http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/mkapnt/ future versions will be added as i learn more about item distribution
  4. Svarog

    Paint Mod

    A very simple mod I made for myself so I could upgrade my safehouse a little faster. I play on sandbox with every loot setting set to Very Rare so finding enough paint of same color is a pain, plaster, even more so but I still want my base painted. Not to mention, I could paint entire room in my house with one can of paint and before that, plaster said room's walls with two bags of plaster. I hope someone can find some use for this. Features: - Paint 20 walls with one can of paint - Plaster 10 walls with a single bucket of plaster. Mediafire Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/download/3hxk3v89dhh7o8q/SvarogsPaintMod.7z
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