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Found 2 results

  1. Here I want to share my opinion why spears are too OP (at least for low levels) and how I think it could be fixed. Introduction. First of all I want to say THANK YOU DEVS! You managed to turn one of the best survival game to THE BEST survival game ever ! And it is not really about animations itself but about realism and difficulty. No more superhero style gameplay. My favorite part is a variety of weapons. Apart from openly “funny” weapons like violins and saxophone, I see how everybody finds their own favorite thing to kill with. Somebody uses a hand axe; the other one says a police baton is the best and so on. Long and short ranges, one weapon is damaging, another is fast, some of them stun zombies, some do everything but they are extremely rare and can’t be repaired (hi to katana ). In other words BALANCE and MEGA VIRIETY. Almost… Why I do think spears are OP. And my suggestions how it could be solved. 1) They are easy to get. As soon as u found a kitchen knife or a hunting knife making a spear is a question of couple minutes. Wooden planks are everywhere in cities, branches are everywhere in woods. And furthermore one can make them in a great amount! It’s basically like pre-41 build knives: with 10 butter knives in your inventory you can clear the whole neighborhood. How I think these issues could be solved. First method is to make them harder to get. For example you also need an axe to make it. It’s also closer to realism since I hardly can imagine how you make a spear from a whole plank only with a knife in adequate amount of time. The second way (or as additional to the first) is to lower the durability of a spear. Now one spear is enough to kill more than 10 zombies. In my opinion the number should be much lower (5-6). Another way is very straight forward. Just get rid of the “empty” spears (without knives/forks and so on on the end). It wouldn’t be so much against common sense as well, one can hardly use a self-sharpened end of a mere stick to kill with it in one hit. Additionally I would like to suggest regarding making spears with knives (and other things) is to use a rope but not duct tape (I am not sure how it’s called in the English version). And ropes should be quite rare. Or for example the player might still use a tape instead of a rope but the durability of the spear would be lower in this case (2/3 or 1/2 of the usual for instance). 2) The spears are very long range weapon. Because of this it’s also one of the safest type of a weapon in the game in my opinion. And you know… I’m fine with it! It should be spear’s feature. It’s main advantage among hundreds (ok maybe tens but I hope one day hundreds ) of other kinds of weapons! 3) Player with a spear killing zombies with one hit on the low spear skill levels. Maybe not every hit but definitely every third or fourth. It is already too OP. That is the main core problem. Already some PZ streamers that I watch begin to figure it out (after their audience in comments shouting about new spear “wunderwaffe”) and now instead of constant search for more effective weapon in countless wardrobes and warehouses (as I suppose is one of main game ideas), the first thing they do is making spears (already during the first game day). Because spears are basically new knives. Spears’ chance of one hit death should be drastically decreased. Again, I am not talking about high levels! I think it’s more than fair then “old and experienced” character with a high level spear skill destroys zombies with 70-85% (!) chance of one hit kill (that actually should apply to almost every type of weapon at the maximum skill, I suppose). But come on! A beginner with a hunting knife spear is pretty much a killing machine. I sure this is a main problem developers wanted to get rid of. That is all! Love new difficulty, new fear of zombie groups, new AWSOME weapons, new crazy variety of clothes, new realism and bond between player and the character. Please, do not think that I am against spears. They definitely should be one of the main weapons of the late game. They just should not push other awesome weapons out of the game! At the very end here my suggestion about adding to the game a very rare (!) zombie with a spear stuck in its body, I think it would be cool! What do you think?
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first suggestion, so it's probably going to be incredibly bad anyway... Oh well, let me begin Like it or not, but vehicles are too overpowered. I've been able to kill more than 1000 zombies with a single car, and it's still going! The problem with vehicles in Project Zomboid is that running over zombies at slow speeds is very effective and barely does any damage to the car at all. It is shown and explained well in this Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb76jxMBWpw (Yes, this does also work for really large hordes, I tried it. You just need some patience, as it takes some time.) Now I'm not going to suggest you to just heighten the amount of damage zombies do to vehicles, as that's just a cheap, lazy and unrealistic way to balance things. Instead, I'll suggest something that'll involve the animation update! Ooo fancy Oh yes, right, let me get to my point... Basically, my suggestion is that zombies should be able to climb onto the hood of the vehicle when it's driving at very slow speeds (5-10MPH or below). They will then proceed to attack the windshield of the vehicle until it breaks. Afterward, once the windshield has been broken, they will proceed on devouring the player. This could also make it much more important to have a well-maintained windshield, which will then also cause the player character to be more careful of running over Zombies in the first place because that could break their windshield as well. To get a zombie off the hood, accelerate to a higher speed (25-30MPH or above) and perform some maneuvers such as slaloms, breaking etc. See Dead Rising 3 (Not a good game... But the driving was fine.) as somewhat of an example of doing this. (To be fair they shouldn't be able to do it on larger vehicles, such as the SUV shown in the picture... That would actually give those vehicles a tactical advantage ; also excuse my bad editing skills) I am pretty sure that it is difficult to animate something like this, but considering the game will have motorcycles, which will then have to have falling down animations that will have to interact with the environment, I think this will be possible in some way or another.
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