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Found 5 results

  1. Server ip is This server has Hydrocraft, ORGM, Medical Cocktail and several other fun mods installed. Generators also have infinite fuel. InitializIng map can take a little bit so please be patient. Once on the server, if your game stutters, you can edit ProjectZomboid64.json (32 if your system is 32-bit) with notepad, and change the number behind Xmx to 4000 or above (mine is 8000), so the game can use 4 gigs of RAM or more. Trading posts are available to players: one is on the crossroad between Muld and WP, another one is at Valley bus station. You're encouraged to join a existing faction once in game, or create your own faction. Server rules: 1. All major towns and settlements, except Muldraugh and Valley Station, are Kill-On-Sight zones. Outside of towns, are considered semi-RP zones. You must give warnings before attacking other players when outside of big settlements. 2. Absolutely no aggressive or purposeful killing of other players in any trading post area, Muldraugh and Valley Station. The perpetrator will be warned or kicked twice before getting a ban. 3. Personal bases are mini Kill-On-Sight zones. Both the invader and the defender can fire at will. Do not base inside a non-PvP zone. 4. If you suspect someone is hacking, file an admin ticket or PM admins, and we will put them on a watch list. if we catch them cheating with enough evidence, they will be immediately banned and never unbanned. 5. Do not attack members or bases of Atlas' faction, tagged with blue [ATLS]. And we will not attack anyone. I don't want to give people an excuse to call out "admin abuse" so it's better if we just avoid any conflict. Our bases will have a blue skull painted on the entrance. I will make sure none of my faction members ever trespass the other's safehouse or base. I, as the server owner and admin, will try to be as active as possible. Feel free to join us anytime, we are open 24/7. You can get all mods here if you don't want to download it in-game:
  2. While the zombies may be a tad slower, global chat is turned off. We rely on radio comms to communicate with those who arent steam friends. With mods like Hydrocraft, OGRM, OGRM Suppressors, Zombie Loot, and several more, we are surviving the best we can but it seems that we have people who play regularly in different timezones, so we are seeking more interaction. Roleplay is not forced but you cant help but feel immersed when you're in a tight spot on a supply run and you're using the radio to find any nearby help or safehouses. IP: Port: 16261
  3. ORGM Rechambered

    As some of you know, ORMtnMan stopped development of the Real Guns Mod some time ago, but didn't want his work to go to waste. After much hammering away on the keyboard, and testing on poor defenseless zombies I feel its now safe to officially present the results. This brings a number of new features and fixes to ORGM. Current Version: 3.06 Stable Tested PZ Versions: 37.14, 38.28, 38.30 Current Compatibility: PZ IWBUMS Versions: Unknown, I got my PZ from GOG not Steam. If something breaks, It will probably remain broken til the next stable release Necroforge & Survivors Mod: Compatible (built-in patch, as of v2.02-stable) Nolan's ORGM Silencer Mod: Compatible (built-in patch, as of v2.03-stable) Nolan's SuperSurvivors Mod: Compatible (built-in patch, as of v3.04-stable) Any other mods/addons for the legacy ORGM version are not considered compatible. Expect errors if you use them. Changelog can be found here: Downloads: Current Release 3.06 Stable: Old Stable (2.03-stable): Github Development Version: Steam Workshop (thanks to Khaos & ORMntMan): * steam version may not be up-to-date with latest release. Current steam version is 3.04-stable You MUST delete the old ORGM from your mods directory before installing or you'll probably run into some serious issues.
  4. Need some help with some gun modding

    I've been playing for quite a while now with both ORGM's Gun Mod, Hydrocraft, and a few other mods. I started to dig around in the base game's lua files, because I want to add a new point to which gun parts can be placed onto. Specifically, I want to create a new place that parts can be added (like how there is the canon point, scope point, and the sling point) so I can use more than just 3 attachments. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm running PZ on a Mac if that makes any difference.
  5. Hello everyone, I just wondered if there is a mod out there making Hydrocraft and ORGM compatible ? I just can't seem to find anything on Google... Some Hydrocraft recipes require a vanilla gun/shotgun/hunting rifle, but if you play with ORGM, you can't find those... Regards, Evan.