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Found 3 results

  1. Sandbox_ZoneStoryChance It was added to the 41.45 translation file. But I can't found it in the game even on 41.46.
  2. This has probably been suggested already, but i searched and couldn't find anything on the subject. Anyway, I think it would be cool if there was an option in sandbox to choose what level you want your characters skills to be at at the start of the game. You can set the EXP multiplier really high but it affects all skills. I usually just set it to max because I hate the idea of grinding just to get certain skills up. however this makes the game too easy and id like it if i could just set my skill levels prior to start and have the rest go up as they would normally. for example I like to run around the entire map a lot, including player made maps, so I want to have a high sprinting level. Also I like ortmans gun mod so i like to have my aiming level high because you cant shoot anything unless you use a shotgun when you are at low levels. So really I just want to be able to set these 2 skill levels high and keep the rest normal to keep the game a bit more challenging. tl;dr in sandbox give the option to set skill levels before starting a new game
  3. Guest

    Add Context Option to Health Panel

    Hello, I'm new to PZ modding and I just want to practice with a mod regrouping some features I like in other mods. For now, I'm trying to implement a Z-Cure as a syringe you can inject yourself or another player. But I want it to be fully integrated (it's like a mini-challenge) so if you are infected AND you possess the cure, there will be a context option in the health panel to use it. Just like bandages or alcohol. I know how to add context option : I already try teleport, item spawning, corpse removing... But the main issue is : I can't find any event/hook related to health panel, so I just don't know how to modify its context options. I don't see any of my code wich can be posted here (because it has nothing to do with the final result I want). But if there is any, just tell me Please excuse my poor English, I'm just a froggy. Thanks!
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