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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I create a "patch" for hydrocraft 5.7, that include 3D weapons for the mod. I need help on debugging and testing. I create a lot of the models, but some of them are based on free/without licence files that I found online. If someone think that I can't use some specific model, LET ME KNOW. To cheat all the weapons, read the instructions (you can enable and disable the cheat mode via config files). Some examples (not all weapons are in the picture, but all of them are in the patch ): Required: I think that I finished ALL the weapons. Please test this patch and let me know if I forgot to pack some texture or something is missing. ** DOWNLOAD LINK ** How to install: Just unzip and replace your hydrocraft mod folder with the hydrocraft folder in the zip file. What did I change on original Hydrocraft files?: I only replace the WeaponSprite variable with my custom models (named exactly like their item): for example: all this variables are changed using lua code, in the file 3DWeaponInjector.lua. What files did I ADD?: lots of model and textures, and 2 lua scripts: - client / 3DWeaponLoader.lua: It load all the models on memory. - client / 3DWeaponLoaderCHEAT.lua: It contain a way yo cheat ALL the weapons for testing. To enable the CHEAT, edit the "local CHEAT_MODE = false" to "true", and then pressing the key END (ingame) and all the weapons will appear on your inventory. - server / 3DWeaponInjector.lua: Inject all the new WeaponSprite values using my 3d models instead of placeholder objects. This guarantee compatibilities with future Hydrocraft versions. Current "problems": - The longbow looks funny when walking (PZ modding limitations, not my fault) - All the FLAILS looks funny because I can't animate the CHAIN. - There's lots of official bugs on animations, for example, if you walk strafing with A or D using something similar to a pistol, the weapon turn to the right looking awful... or when you walk the weapon will be rotated to the right. I can't fix that, it's PZ devs job . - Maybe I forgot some weapon or some texture Changelog:
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