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Found 5 results

  1. When you join the game, you firstly create the account. Which is the username. Then whilst creating the character you choose the character name. But then in game, it displays your username above your head & uses your username for the text box. (only using the username for your own view+keys) Looking for a mod which still you use the username too login. But in game it displays and uses the character name.
  2. Okay so I posted about this before and I really wasn't sure how to handle it. I wanted to keep it fresh so just in case someone forgot or didn't see it. Wasn't sure if I should bump that one or make a new one. But I decided to do this in any case. So I suggest we change out MP so instead of seeing your username you'll see your players name. It would be amazing for RP and I wont have to keep changing my username every time I die and create a new charri. Very simple change I think. xD Also impacts the RP community loads, everyone will love it. Even people who don't RP because it's just so much more realistic! Yeah? XD Maybe have it as a toggleable option for server admins if you really want to keep both. Bam, Cha-Ching! Again, sorry if this is against the rules. I tried going to the rules but it doesn't say anything specifically about this. So I wasn't sure if I should find and bump that one or if making a new one was called for. I've seen mods get upset when people necro old threads but I've also seen mods get upset when you create duplicates. Usually the mod then suggests either necroing or creating a duplicate (depending on the situation), which Is kind of odd but I have seen it happen. I think it has something to do with the age of the post. But I couldn't find an explanation.
  3. It would be nice that if stale items (the ones with reduced hunger and unhapiness & bordem maluses) would be marked as so in their name, in the similar fashion to Fresh and Rotten food. That would be helpful in distinguishing why the food have the maluses, especially for newer players that don't know all the food in-game yet and especially since the icon does not indicate it in any way. Would be nice to include that in Build 34, which is mostly Food focused build
  4. Please please please please? It's so annoying that i have to change my username every time in role play servers. It'll be *so* much easier if character names showed up instead of usernames and instead usernames were just log in things that only Admins and moderators could see. Please????
  5. Her are some brands that could be introduced without problems, which also can add as a kind of inside joke: Of course not all are fit for zomboid, but I can imagine the airline and the beer (not Duff) in the game.
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