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Found 1 result

  1. Hi fellow Zomboids ! I thought we could, those of you playing the IWBUMS 35, all pitch in the information we've got and come up with a quick makeshift guide/informative thread here so other fellow Zomboids can be informed. You can leave your information here and i'll add it up to in the OP post. thanks Information gathered thanks to (Kim, Enigma, Cr.Jim, and Zo.) ! HOW TO LEVEL UP METALWORKING ! - Before level 1 you can only make metal floors and roofs to gain XP ( without recipes ). At level 5 you unlock the Big Wire Fence ( so spam that stuff to XP+ ). At level 9 you unlock the Big Pole Fence Gate ( so rinse and repeat until level 10 ). Tools - Propane torch, Welding mask, Welding rods, Propane, (more?) Materials - Wire, Metal bar, Metal tube, Small metal sheet, Sheet metal, Scrap metal, Useless metal (at low levels you get this often when dismantling.). (probably more to add soon) Magazines/Recipes 4 total - Teaches Wire Fences. Teaches Walls/Fences. Teaches Containers. Teaches Small Metal Sheets to Metal Sheet. Stuff you can build - Barricading using sheet metal or bars, Make metal wall frames which you can finish with wood to + its strength. (or metal), You can dismantle metal shelves and counters for more materials, Barricading might give xp in Solo, (confirmed not to work in co-op), Containers you can build are: lockers, gun lockers, metal crates, metal cabinets, and more, Some ideas: Towers, Shacks, Shantys, Cottages, Cabins, etc... A few tips/notes - Slight problem: materials for Metalworking are "finite". The amount of metal bars/sheets required to make a simple wall is huge ! Carpentry is still better then Metalworking atm. Wooden walls are much better still. Dismantling the paper towel dispenser does not give Metalworking experience but Electrical ! O-o The higher your Metalworking level is the more stuff you get for dismantling things related to Metalworking. Use metal frames for your walls, just upgrade it with wood if you don't have metal. It will make much better walls. You need the recipe though... It isn't recommended to attempt building a metal fortress for the weight of metal is considerable. >.<' (more?)
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