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Found 4 results

  1. I know what you're thinking. "Is this guy f##king nuts? He wants MORE meta events?! MORE helicopters to ruin your perfectly good safehouse? MORE screams and gunshots to make you leap out of your seat after it's been relatively quiet for almost half a g#ddamn hour?!" Well, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about more variety. Currently, there are four "meta events" in the form of ambient sounds: screams, gunshots, dogs barking, and the infamous helicopters. Those all make sense, but shouldn't there be more? Even for a zombie-filled wasteland, Knox County is just too quiet sometimes. Here are some additional ambient sounds that might liven up the environment a little: 1) Distant explosions. Maybe somebody left the stove on, or an engineer got creative with a can of hair spray. 2) Jets flying overhead. Military jets dropping bombs or napalm on the Exclusion Zone. Makes sense, right? We've seen that sort of thing in countless zombie movies and video games. Why let the helicopters have all the fun in destroying all the hard work you put into your safehouse? 3) Sirens. Maybe this'll be a thing when NPCs make a return, but I'd have to imagine that in the early days of the outbreak, there'd be a LOT of calls to 911 about bites, violence, sickness, that sort of thing. So it would stand to reason that, for at least the first few days and nights of July, the Kentucky air would be ringing with Hi/Los and other sirens of the Knox County Emergency Services. 4) Emergency Broadcast System. Not to be confused with the far-better-known Emergency Alert System, which didn't enter service until 1997. Still, it stands to reason that some of the TVs and radios left on during the Knox Event should be playing some kind of alert tone at some point, particularly when the nationwide curfews begin and sh#t really starts to hit the fan. 5) BRRRT I dunno. Just a thought.
  2. I've been playing the build 23 for a few minutes now and something just gave me the chills big time. I had established a small base in the tavern in south Muldraugh, when I decided I'd go for a longer loot run to mid-Muldraugh. I hadn't left the vicinity of the tavern except to near the police station for a small fight and shouting competition and to the trailers nearby. So I started wandering to the suburbs when I saw an open door. I thought to myself that I must have left it open when I've been looting. But then there was this voice inside my head saying: "I never leave doors open after looting..." I disregarded the door at first, but when I went closer I noticed that the window next to the door was open too. Now I thought that somethings amiss. I NEVER leave windows open after I climb through. It's really a reflex that I turn around and close the window. Then I started looking through the house. The fridge was empty. Ok. I could have been here 'coz it's the first thing I do always. Then I checked the cupboards and found 20 rounds for a pistol and some nails. Now there's no way I could have missed all of them since they were all in different containers. I decided to ignore the whole thing, because it was giving me the creeps to be honest, and pressed on to an area I hadn't been to before. Then I saw this: Spoiler Look at the window. Why?!?! What have I done to deserve such a freakin' scare? I circled around the house a bit until I deared to climb inside through a different window. There was an open door inside the house too. *Scared shitless* The questions are: Am I going insane?, Do I just have a shitty memory? or is this a similar meta-thingy as the gunshots, but a new one? Most importantly: Has somebody been here? I give it to you Dear Watsons: 'When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth'?
  3. When you lovely developers have the time, why not add a sandbox setting thing that takes that sweet metagame thing you wrote and scales it back a little, try and make it more realistic in that zombies won't magically seek you out after a time. Plenty of people have gotten miffed about how the zeebs still manage to find y'all after a bit; why not offer another experience to add some additional variety and still stay close to the lore you're going for? I definitely don't mean to ask you to do this right now or add it to survival or anything. <3
  4. Hello fellow Survivors! I really like the game. I don't survive a lot but thats because I play it too fast and want too much... but thats not why I'm writing this... So, the META ingame is really nice and gives the zombies something to run at and move the hordes from time to time. The helicopters or gunshots etc... What I would like to see, are some dead survivors that took the suicide road. For example, you hear a gunshot. no news there, you heard them before. but what a coincidence, you find the house where this gunshot came from. there is a dead zombie and a dead survivor who killed himself after killing his wife maybe - or something like it... I know that NPCs arent back in the game yet, but I dont want them to be NPCs, I want them to be dead people, unzombified dead people. Or we could walk into a house, where a man or woman has hung him or herself... Or a huge mess due to someone blowing his brains
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