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Found 1 result

  1. Bunjil Red is the main road. Yellow is the train tracks. Blue is the towns. Description Have you guys ever found the map to be rather small in its current state? That the difficulty was static regardless of which town you were in? An overarching story that most of you will never hear all of? Or maybe none of that and are just seeing a failed pitch? Look no further as This map will be quadruple (I don't even know anymore) the size of the original map. Cities are filled with locations to loot but have plenty of zombies to kill you A story will be accompanying the map that will begin a few minutes after the game starts. The pitch has not failed if you've read this far Map Size As I said its planned to be four times the size of the original map. So bear with me on trying to get it finished, because there is no one else who wants to finish this more than I do. The map is currently at 77 cells by 42 cells and about a third of that is covered in water. You're probably wondering why so big. Well a large reason is to cater to several groups and to make this one of the maps for multiplayer. Now right now yes the map might be a bit too large to traverse by foot but I'm planning around vehicles so that my map doesn't gather dust once they're released. Background This map is entirely based off of a map I made. The idea was to base it off my writings and I will be using some portions in there. However the narrative will always be changing and will be revolving around many of the POI's I'll be adding in; one of which is already added in the map. There are several landmasses with the three being connected by bridges, for now. There are many more islands that are not connected and will be hard to reach but will be populated nonetheless. Travelling One thing I wanted to do was make players feel challenged. By this I don't mean create artificial challenges that the player should aim for but rather create rewards for players who are willing to go the extra mile to get valuable loot in dangerous areas. The story will revolve around going to key places over time until you reach the end which will, hopefully, give you some satisfaction and a cool place to call home. The Story You like the many before you are people that have found this new land in the midst of disaster. Survival is your goal in this new world where an unknown force seems keen on pressing your luck. Zombies won't be making your life any easier so you better reach the Red Fortress quick. Conclusion With all that wrapped up I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to read what I have. The overall scope of the map is large and i've seen mods of a higher caliber and smaller scopes fail and come to a standstill so lets hope that does not happen and that I can make the same amount of progress regularly. Any questions or suggestions do send them my way whether by posting in this thread, a PM or add me on steam. Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=874911668 Nonsteam https://mega.nz/#F!gZoDRR5Z!aMYYyM9AIt8LSoITgg8zcw Special Thanks if you use my map in any map packs or content packs please ask first! Likely I will not say no but I'll probably discourage you from using it as this map is intended to be standalone. Any updates I make could cause problems for your map pack because of the sheer size of the map that I am aiming for and I don't want people hounding me for problems that could be caused by your map pack.
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