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Found 1 result

  1. The idea is pretty simple. We already DO have traps for catching tasty little morsels in game- but what about traps designed to kill zombies? Such as spike pits made of sharpened wooden pikes, hidden pendulums to smash their spiky, stabby surfaces into that poor scavenging survivor or shambling zombie or just simply rope traps that'll sling the zombie or survivor by their foot and drag them up, dangling them upside down like a stuck pig? Or even using beartraps to snag their feet in? Or even improvised landmines made of pipebombs from nails and other shrapnel that burst out, ripping your liver out and any potential organs for the use of having children? What if other NPC's place down these traps, and you find yourself harmed or caught in one of these horrible little devices, because they are even more devious then your devious self? Imagine yourself caught in a rope trap, and you have to cut yourself down. Don't have a knife? Well you are kind of pooched, unless you are skilled enough in trapping and can free yourself from it. Having higher skill in trapping allows you to create more elaborate traps- including ones to kill your pesky neighbours, both living and dead.
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