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Found 3 results

  1. Xonic

    Xonic's Mega Mall

    Welcome to the largest shopping complex in the whole Knox county. From the latest fashion to the newest movie, you can meet all your shopping and entertainment needs in this fully climate-controlled mall with over 80 stores and restaurants. CrossRoads Mega Mall - The Best place to hang out in the middle of nowhere. Mod Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1713269594 Map Overview Mall Direction Map This is my first map mod, it is a 3-cell size map, located between Muldraugh and West Point (cell 37x28) The footprint of the mall building is nearly one-cell size, it contains all the shops of brands PZ has to offer, from GigaMart to EP Tools, Spiffo to the Pie-O-Crepe, StarEplex Cinema to Pharmahug, this one single building covered 90% of the loot table in the game so far. Auxiliary building includes an outlet shopping street with an arcade, a bus depot, a bank, Fossoil complex and the utility building. There are two special spawn locations, one is the lucky one which you spawn inside the mall and the mall would be zombie free, another one is the unlucky one which you trapped on the roof of a zombie infested mall. WARNING: Due the the game's zombie spawn mechanics indoor, you should NEVER run into the trash bay, it's a guaranteed death. And like the vanilla mall, you can walk through the railing between the escalators and cause unintentional fall, be careful around escalators! If you found any glitch, please report in the User bug report on Steam page. And thank cardenaglo for contribute to this mall project; Pop and eris for additional help =w= --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some floor plans during the development. High res pics provided by cardenaglo , click to check them out in full size. Overview The first level Second level Third level Fourth level
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking at producing my own buildings and hopefully (Eventually) a map, but I need a bit of help understanding Sprites and tiles and I have a few questions. They are shown below: 1) When placing objects using tilemode on the building editor, if I place a wall tile on the door layer, furniture layer or roof layer, will it behave differently or behave exactly the same no matter what? For example would you still collide with it no matter what layer and could you still demolish it with a sledgehammer no matter what layer. 2) If I place furniture objects in tile-mode rather than using the furniture tool will they still behave the same? E.G if i place a 2 tile wide cupboard using tilemode will it still appear in world as two lootable sections and spawn loot normally. 3) I cannot find some tiles/sprites in the building editor despite them clearly appearing in the zomboid map. Some notable examples are the mannequins found in the mall at http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8355907133538171,0.19491794658321468,1255.3734309738713 and the elevator also found there http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8331898134094702,0.19476161261440364,1506.4481171686452 4) Some people are creating awesome custom sprites and posting them on the forums (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7280-where-do-i-post-sprites-maybe-here/?hl=+sprites Credit DoubleBrain) How does one go adding these to the building editor and if someone wants to use a map with these objects in will they have to be downloaded seperately beforehand (Like a mod) or are they automatically added by downloading the map. Lots of questions some of which I'm sure have obvious answers but I woul appreciate some help Thanks in advance
  3. Japer

    Mega Mall

    Mall Features Download v.1.2 Download contains install instructions, last stand and sandbox versions, a map and some notes, please give them a read. You are free to use this on MP and videos etc just note that this is merely a test build and doesn't look pretty enough yet, it needs a lot more detailing done.
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