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Found 17 results

  1. HuckChorris

    3D Models Mac

    Hey, strange problem that no one else seems to have except maybe Linux users.(?) I have a MacBook Pro late 2013, OS X 10.10.2, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, Intel Iris Pro (switchable). And no matter what settings I've tried tweaking, turning things on and off restarting deleting .ini 's, running on battery or no battery etc., my characters and zombies do not have faces textures or feet textures. Now I know I can simply turn off 3D models, but damned if I just don't love me some 3D models! You feel me right? Right. Because I'm 3D. Thanks for any help or information. -huck
  2. TheVid

    Hope for Mac OSX Map Editor?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if theres any hope of a Mac compatible Map Editor? Im very interested in making new maps for the area where I live but the only issue im running across is that the PZ Map Editor is a windows only program. If PZ is a Mac compatible game, it should only make sense that the Editor should be Mac compatible as well.
  3. Laufey

    Working with OS X for dummies?

    Hi everyone! I need some help here. I'm new to all this admin stuff, and to make it just a bit more difficult: I'm using a Mac. And since pretty much all the advice I have found on how to install the mods and other things are for Windows I have to ask... HELP! Could someone please write some sort of "Installing Mods with OS X for dummies" for me (and for all the other Mac dummies out there).
  4. Hello Project Zomboid community! Apologies if this is the wrong place for this or if this has been brought up in some capacity before, as I'm a bit new in this neck of the woods. I'm not sure why, but after installing the most recent update I am no longer able to aim+attack using "control" as my aim/sneak/strafe button. Starting only after I updated, attacking (using the LMB, of course) while aiming using control would instead bring up the rightclick menu (for example, when "attacking" with the mouse on empty ground I'd get the "walk to" button). Control + click on Mac does, in general, equal rightclick, but I've never before had an issue with this before updating, leading me to hope that there's a way to circumvent the issue. If not, this is by no means a gamebreaking issue as remaping it to another key works fine, although control is in a very convenient place on my keyboard, and I'd prefer to not have to relearn PZ combat. Not to mention, of course, other Mac players having issues with the default setting. I'm on a Mac, which may be part of the problem, running OSX Yosemite (10.10.3), and using a Macbook Air (trackpad). I'm running PZ version 32.27 on Steam. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, was there a way to get around it besides changing the keybind? Thanks to those who've read this, and happy skull-cleaving! - Pershonkey
  5. "This is a story about a gamepad,not just an ordinary gamepad,a very special gamepad,a magical gamepad! What is so special about this gamepad you ask? Well, let me sum it up in one word LIFE!" Bad Joystick is an indie platformer game I am working on, I started development on may 2015 and already have a functioning alpha build with 40 levels for you to play with, here is a gameplay video and some screenshots: playable alpha version, more info about the dev process, images and videos,I will be posting to it at least once a week. Bad Joystick - DevBlog
  6. The Order (Logo created by myself) Hey everyone! I'm Rich C. and my Steam name is Richcoconut! The Order is a group that I wanted to make that was inspired mainly by a huge battle me and some players had on the Desolated server trying to take over the motel to make it a community base. This group will be crafted to help track down bandits, build both community and group bases, help others and recruit, expand to other servers, and possibly run events giving items but that'll be down the road. It will be semi-RP/RP at moments! I'm recruiting right now and for those who are interested I'd like for them to come to this page and fill out this forum and to add me on Steam. Also, spread the word! TEAMS MAIN SERVER: Zeek's Haven 24/7 SERVER (US EAST/NYC) MAIN TOWN: WEST POINT Right now I'm looking for experienced and new builders, leaders, assistants, and fighters. YOU WILL RISK DYING (DUH) FOR A GOOD CAUSE! NEWS: TUE FEB 17TH 12:44AM EST - WE HAVE A BASE WITH A KITCHEN, LIBRARY, ARMORY, LOCKER ROOM, CHILL ROOM, AND WORKING ON SECURITY CURRENTLY. WE HAVE ESTABLISHED OURSELVES AS A STRONG GROUP AND AS THE SERVERS COMMUNITY BASE. FRI FEB 20th 3:26AM EST BASE HAS BEEN MOVED TO WEST POINT ON THE SERVER, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE EXACT LOCATION, PLEASE REQUEST IT FROM RICH C. IN-GAME. Steam name: In-Game name: Job: Longest Time Survived (dd/hrs): Gender: Town of Residence: Why should you get picked?: Location: (US East, US West, EUR, EU, EU West, EU East, RU, etc.) Main Server: (You main server you are always on) I will be checking this regularly and updating it with more info! Please spread the word! Each team will come with 1 builder, assistant, and 2 fighters/builders Member List Phoenix Wright Miley Cyrus ieatkebabs Deschain Zac OxyCleanMan - Doctor Phoenix Wright Silvio JoshGaraaax3 Mike3k Bunny Tidd FrankieC Max
  7. Whittos

    Admin commands don't work

    Hi all, I have recently started up a server for my friends and I to play on. Everything works fine except for the fact that whenever I try to enter commands into the console like 'grantadmin' or 'additem' is does not work. I am very confused as to why is is not working and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. RichCoconut

    Project Zomboid acting weird

    Everytime I launch Project Zomboid only my Mac out of no where, it gets to the title screen then everything fades in so slow, like minutes slow, and the options don't show up to click on them at all. I have v 30.16. Please help, thanks.
  9. ToastMobile

    Endeavor - A Voxel-Based MMO

    Hey guys! We at Toast Mobile have been working on a game called Endeavor. It's a voxel-based MMO that's been in development for the past few months. Check out our development blog for further updates on the game!
  10. Nwess12

    Help with private Mac Server

    I'm new to Project Zomboid, and it seems that i came at a good time with build 27 just releasing. However, I am playing on a mac and downloaded through Steam, and i am trying to connect and play with my brother back at home who also plays on a mac, and I can't figure out how to do so. The only thing i found previously was the method that requires you to have two copies of the game. Is there a way to connect and play privately through hamachi or a simpler way that doesn't require you to have two copies of the game? Im praying there is a solution to this!!
  11. When I first launched PZ, I went into options and changed a few of the options. I went to resolution, and changed it to 1920x1200, and then changed it to 2560x1440. The game worked fine at 1920x1200, but when I changed to 2560x1440, the screen changed to black, but I could still hear the title music. I couldn't quit normally, so I had to force quit it in the Activity Tracker. I reopened the game, and I still got the black screen, this time without the music, and the game closed after a few seconds. I deleted the game, re downloaded it, same problem. Deleted, re downloaded it again, and renamed the game, still the same thing. I really need help with this, I'm anxious to play this. (My OS details are OS X Mavericks 10.9.3, my Java is up to date.)
  12. So, I am not a very computer literate individual. I realize instructions have been posted as to how to create a multiplayer server on a Mac, but, I simply don't understand them. I have found the info.plist file, but I don't see the line that I am supposed to edit. I sincerely hope I'm not wasting anyone's time but I just don't know what to do. I apologize for my ignorance.
  13. CobeyH

    Server Creation On mac

    I have been playing this game for a while and I recently discovered the online beta version. I tried to create a server but I could not find a physical file anywhere to start up a server that people can join to. I set up port forwarding to the router but then I can't find a file other then the game launcher.
  14. Wolfenstein

    Help! Mac OS X Server!

    Hello, I've trying to run a server with Hamachi to avoid opening ports, but every time I join the server the map has black borders (it doesn't load the cells), items do not spawn and neither do zombies. I've been told that this was a port problem, but it still happens with Hamachi. I had a friend try setting up the server (with a Mac too) and had the same result. I'm using the IWBUMS. So I suppose it's the latest. Though this problem has been happening to me since onlinetest came out.That Zomboid folder (in Users) is what I delete between attempts. I have no need to keep the saves at the moment, so there is no file swapping. I have read that Hamachi has worked for people with Windows at least. (Maybe Hamachi on Mac is the problem?) This is what the console output from running the server. (Run duration: ~5min) Last login: Tue Apr 8 19:28:12 on console Ivans-iMac:~ inBlomqvist$ /Users/inBlomqvist/Documents/Project\ ; exit; 2014-04-08 20:08:34.303 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -Djava.library.path=/Users/inBlomqvist/Documents/Project 2014-04-08 20:08:34.304 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -noverify 2014-04-08 20:08:34.304 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -XX:+UseNUMA 2014-04-08 20:08:34.305 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -XX:+AggressiveOpts 2014-04-08 20:08:34.305 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -XX:+TieredCompilation 2014-04-08 20:08:34.305 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -XX:Tier2CompileThreshold=70000 2014-04-08 20:08:34.305 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -XX:CompileThreshold=1500 2014-04-08 20:08:34.305 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -Xms768m 2014-04-08 20:08:34.306 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -Xmx1024m 2014-04-08 20:08:34.306 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -XX:+UseAdaptiveSizePolicy 2014-04-08 20:08:34.306 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -XX:GCTimeRatio=50 2014-04-08 20:08:34.306 JavaAppLauncher[1020:507] Option: -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=20 2014-04-08 20:08:34.310 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -Djava.library.path=/Users/inBlomqvist/Documents/Project 2014-04-08 20:08:34.310 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -noverify 2014-04-08 20:08:34.310 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -XX:+UseNUMA 2014-04-08 20:08:34.310 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -XX:+AggressiveOpts 2014-04-08 20:08:34.311 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -XX:+TieredCompilation 2014-04-08 20:08:34.311 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -XX:Tier2CompileThreshold=70000 2014-04-08 20:08:34.311 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -XX:CompileThreshold=1500 2014-04-08 20:08:34.311 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -Xms768m 2014-04-08 20:08:34.311 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -Xmx1024m 2014-04-08 20:08:34.312 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -XX:+UseAdaptiveSizePolicy 2014-04-08 20:08:34.312 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -XX:GCTimeRatio=50 2014-04-08 20:08:34.312 JavaAppLauncher[1020:2503] Option: -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=20 Loading RakNet from: /Users/inBlomqvist/Documents/Project User 'admin' not found, creating it Enter new administrator password: xxxxxxx Confirm the password: xxxxxxx Administrator 'admin' created, you can now log with it using admin/yourpassword. SVN REVISION 962 Initialising Server Systems... translator: language is EN translator: failed to parse Recipes for language=EN translator: failed to parse Items for language=EN Loading: media/lua/shared/ISBaseObject.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/JoyPad/JoyPadSetup.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/NPCs/MainCreationMethods.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISRackAction.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/TimedActions/ISBaseTimedAction.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadAction.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadManager.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadUtil.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadableMagazine.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadable.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISSemiAutoWeapon.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadableWeapon.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISShotgunWeapon.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISRevolverWeapon.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/stormysReload.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Sandbox/SandboxVars.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Util/AdjacentFreeTileFinder.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Util/BuildingHelper.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Util/LuaList.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Util/StringReplacer.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/Util/Vector2.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/a_requires.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/defines.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/keyBinding.lua Loading: media/lua/shared/luautils.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISBuildUtil.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISBuildingObject.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISDoubleTileFurniture.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISLightSource.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISNaturalFloor.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISSimpleFurniture.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenContainer.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenDoor.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenDoorFrame.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenFloor.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenStairs.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenWall.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/PaintingReference.lua Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/RainCollectorBarrel.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Camping/BuildingObjects/campingCampfire.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Camping/BuildingObjects/campingTent.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Camping/camping.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Camping/camping_fuel.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Camping/camping_text.lua Loading: media/lua/server/ClientCommands.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Farming/BuildingObjects/farmingPlot.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Farming/ISPlant.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Farming/basicFarming.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Farming/farmingCommands.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Farming/farming_displayInfo.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Farming/farming_vegetableconf.lua Loading: media/lua/server/HealthSystem/HealthUpdate.lua Loading: media/lua/server/ISBuildingBlueprintManager.lua Loading: media/lua/server/ISCoordConversion.lua Loading: media/lua/server/ISDoor.lua Loading: media/lua/server/ISObjectClickHandler.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Items/ItemBindingHandler.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Items/ItemPicker.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Items/ScriptItemInterface.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Items/SuburbsDistributions.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Map/MetaEnum.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Movers/ISBaseMover.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Movers/MoverStateMachine.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Movers/MoverStates/ISBaseState.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Movers/MoverStates/MoveToState.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Movers/Rabbit.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/Behaviour/BaseBehaviour.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/Behaviour/GuardBehaviour.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/FetchQuest.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/ISConversationScript.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/NPCEncountersMain.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/NPCHouse.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/EventSystem.lua new event system Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/MetaSurvivor.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/MetaSurvivorGroup.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/RelationshipModifiers/Modifiers.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/SadisticAIDirector.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/SadisticMusicDirector.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/SurvivorSelector.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SendOnLootMission.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NPCs/TestThing.lua Loading: media/lua/server/NewSelectionSystem/GridSquareSelector.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Professions/Professions.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Seasons/season.lua Loading: media/lua/server/Seasons/seasonProps.lua Loading: media/lua/server/TurnBased/TurnBasedMain.lua Loading: media/lua/server/TutorialHelperFunctions.lua Loading: media/lua/server/XpSystem/XPSystem_SkillBook.lua Loading: media/lua/server/XpSystem/XpSystem_text.lua Loading: media/lua/server/XpSystem/XpUpdate.lua Loading: media/lua/server/katebaldspottutorial.lua Loading: media/lua/server/mapScripts.lua Loading: media/lua/server/metazones/metazoneHandler.lua Loading: media/lua/server/metazones/metazones_westpoint.lua Loading: media/lua/server/recipecode.lua Loading: media/lua/server/timedactionshelper.lua checking media/maps/Muldraugh, KY/spawnpoints.lua not found media/maps/Muldraugh, KY/spawnpoints.lua (may not be an error) checking media/maps/West Point, KY/spawnpoints.lua not found media/maps/West Point, KY/spawnpoints.lua (may not be an error) Loading world... return code: 0 *** SERVER STARTED **** server is listening on port 16261 ID_NEW_INCOMING_CONNECTION id=0 guid=1396998557492392 Connected new client admin ID # 0 and assigned DL port 16262 Shared zombie descriptor packet size is 63KB Player connected from 1396998557492392 Loading cell: 166, 95 (38, 22) Loading cell: 165, 95 (38, 22) Loading cell: 166, 94 (38, 21) Address already in use at Method) at at at<init>( at<init>( at$ Exception in thread "Thread-20" java.lang.NullPointerException at$ Address already in use at Method) at Address already in use at Method) at at at<init>( at<init>( at$ Exception in thread "Thread-22" java.lang.NullPointerException at$ I let it run a few more minutes the Address already in use keeps appearing only changing the Exception in thread "Thread-22" java.lang.NullPointerException always a bigger number than before. (Thread-23, 24, and so on.) Another thing. I've tried just deleting the world.db that is found MacintoshHD/Users/YourUserName/Zomboid and things started fast at the beginning. A few cells loaded (slow, but loaded), but then almost immediately it slowed and stopped loading them. Looks like some sort of lag between the server and the game. Thanks!
  15. What is River Town?River Town is a single-player rural-themed Role Play inspired by the classics, such as Harvest Moon, The Sims or Rune Escape. In River Town player comes into possession of a farm, and can populate his little rancho with a variety of animals, pets or crops. The town is settled by villagers with highly contrasting personalities, making the game an engaging combination of farming and social experience. What is unique about River Town is that player can create their own script about what they want to happen, with whom and when. Every action a character does affects not only him but all people around as well, which might lead to some crazy stuff! FeaturesFor a full feature set please visit our Kickstarter page. Crops - Choose from a wide variety of plants (fruits, vegetables, flowers) and trees to populate your farm. Some of them are required to be seeded only at a certain season, while others need a hothous.Animals - Buy, feed, breed and take care of your farm animals.Pets - Several pets to take care of. Some pets have special functions - dog, for instance, might help you with keeping wild animals away.Villagers - Every single person living in River Town is entirely unique and introduces different storyline. Some villagers might find you inspiring to change their behaviour and goals, some might try to avoid you, while some others even attempt to stalk you if they are extremely amazed by your person. They behave differently towards you as a stranger or a best friend, so take that into account.Date & Marry - Finding a second half is a strong part of the River Town storyline. It's possible to date, propose, marry, live together and finally raise a child. Festivals - Each season brings a set of different festivals organised by the town population. Participation in these might be a great chance to integrate with villagers or win precious prizes.Cooking - Discover new meals by watching TV series in your TV or experiment on your own. Serve your dishes for a dinner, share it with others or participate in cooking contests. Thank you for your time! I hope you like the game, we're very opened to your feedback and thoughts, so go ahead and write us a couple of words
  16. plandevida

    Black screen on OS X Mavericks

    Hi, I'm trying the demo on OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 over Steam,but when I lunch the game shows loading steps and "warning early game..." screen, and then the game's screen still black forever.... Regards.
  17. Hey guys, so I was trying to get Zomboid to work on my mac, through steam. The game loads a bit laggy but crashes when loading the map, that part "this is how you die...". So at first at though it would be just one of those zomboid bugs that need manual fix( I usually use linux, so...) But reading some post in the main steam thread, user with similar issue it was recommended to update Java. Which got me wondering, how do I know i got the update Java? Really didn't found anything about it on my system, apart from Java Visual VM, there are definately a lot of stuff around from java on my system (used spotlight). But no actually Java app. I thought this to be weird so I wanted to check with someone around here. Right now I'm download Java jre from the official source. Obviously OsX has java working, with its aim to be an easy system that works out-of-the-box. Acutally instead of installing the official I checked the OsX software updater and really there is a update pending for Java, and really its ages since I last updated... So I'm check on this, But any inputs on why its crashing?