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Found 1 result

  1. Jal D`aron

    On Create problem

    I need some advice I started with a complicated idea which no surprise didn`t work first time and cut it back to basics .The mod premise was to add a dog that could be used to hunt rabbits so foraging find a stray works make stray your dog works play with dog works hunt with dog does not work. I cut the item to be hunted in this instance a hare to a minimum have working textures but all starts to go wrong here: recipe Hunt with Your Dog { keep MSYourdog, Twigs=4, Result:Twigs, Time:2000.0, Category:Survivalist, OnCreate:getHuntMSHare, } in game timer works but does keep the dog and get a twig but it will not kick into the server lua here: --- HUNTING MOD LUAS --- --Small Dog-- function getHuntMSHare (items, result, player) local skill1 = player:getPerkLevel(Perks.Aiming); local skill2 = player:getPerkLevel(Perks.Sneak); local skill3 = skill1+skill2; local hunt = skill3+ZombRand(40); if hunt >= 38 then player:getInventory():AddItem("MedievalSmithing.MSHare"); elseif hunt < 38 then player:Say("Oh only a stick"); end end I have obviously missed something really simple but 12 hours of looking at this and still can not see it any help much appreciated