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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I have a problem with interacting with zombies and cars, namely with: “I can’t see what lies in the corpse, I only see the ground.” In the car, I can’t see the glove compartment and the trunk itself. "I will be sure there will be more nuances of the likeness of this. Has anyone treated this problem or is this the version like that?
  2. i don't know if it's a bug or just how the beta is for now but usually when looting a container, the character faces the wrong way. in the image example: the character just looted the bathroom cabinet, but looked like he was looting the wall next to it
  3. So while playing I noticed that, when the power is off for the city, the buildings are still alarmed and go off, something a lot of people believe is taking away from the immersion of the atmosphere. During my contemptations about how to deal with this, and messing with my skills at the time, I came up with an idea that makes sense, especially for the long run for gameplay and possibly for MP as well. Instead of relying on alarms alone for an audio cue for zeds to swarm a location, put a small change to cause a more subtle "looting alarm" for players looking through loot locations. It could be a sound cue that plays and attracts zeds to the loot location similar to alarms, but has a smaller radius and could be linked to a skill, particularly Nimble or Stealth, so that the audio cue goes from something like a shelf falling at level 0 to a small box or can falling over at level 5, with changing radius of effect for each. I imagine that, with the large majority of locations you can loot, the chances for this "alarm" to be caused would be fairly small, something like 1 in every 250 locations or something, and maybe depending on the loot location, such as small shelfs over appliances, there could be a higher chance for "failure," causing the player to act quickly and stay on his/her toes. Not to completely remove alarms from the end of the game, as generators are planned for implementation, so they could theoretically be powered by "invisible generators" we just don't see yet, but I think this addition could really help immerse the player more than the usual alarm.
  4. Now that all zombies / corpses have standard clothing items in their inventories, I find it much more tedious to sift through their pockets. They carry valuable items sometimes, but clicking through a stack of bodies and noticing the odd extra item is difficult. As we rarely need to loot more than 1 or 2 zombies / closets for clothing in an entire game session, I think it would be useful to have a clothing filter for these (and possibly other) containers that can be turned on and off, making it easier to spot items of interest. I don't think this would be unrealistic or against the spirit of the game. If I were looting in real life, I would be able to ignore clothing when searching a body or a wardrobe for useful items.
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