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Found 1 result

  1. What if the zed threat of PZ adapted to player tactics over the course of the game? Once you clear out a little niche for yourself somewhere on the map, zomboid becomes very easy to play- to the point where playing that save file becomes tedious. You clear out the initial zeds in your space, you routinely patrol around your base to keep the respawns under control, and all the while you are growing food and fortifying your base to withstand the zombie horde that never comes. But what if it did come? What if zeds from other cells were instinctively drawn towards you, not just because they were filling the cell that you routinely empty but because they actively knew that you were there? Based on my search of the forums, zeds' sense of smell started out as the idea that bleeding characters should attract more zeds. This is cool, but has minimal impact once you learn not to cut yourself (and indeed I think it's completely unused in the current builds). As has been suggested in comment threads on other topics, what if zeds were periodically drawn to your cell and your tile based on your mere presence, or your "smell?" For example, at the poorest smell level, zeds within your cell might be periodically drawn to your tile. At the next level up, zeds from up to one cell away would be drawn to you. And so on. This could be similar to a soundless and imprecise noise effect that is emitted from the player at a random time every 24 hrs, the effect being that the longer you spend in an area, the more zombies from elsewhere accumulate around you. This would encourage to you keep moving, or to build fortifications that you will one day actually use. I've seen people suggest that if the game is too easy, you have to set your own challenges. That's true to an extent, but when the challenge forces you to abandon your resources for no thematic reason (such as leaving your base only to move to a more zed-heavy area), something needs to be fixed. Instead, a smell system like this would help to constantly adapt the zombie threat to the player, creating encounters with cell block-sized hordes rather than only the one or two zeds that respawned in. What do you think? PS- "Smell" is maybe not quite the right name for the effect I've described. I think of it more as a supernatural drawing of the undead towards the living, but smell seems sufficient to providing a more physiological explanation for the phenomenon. PPS- Are you thinking "this sounds like all helicopter, all the time!" Well, yes. I want that same effect; however, I want it to play out slowly over the course of a month, rather than begin and end in a single day. PPPS- The sooner the helicopter itself is turfed or given a thematic explanation, the better.
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