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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all! Aren't our characters waaaaay too agile from start, in the new Build 41? The new vaulting anims are great, but I think we should need a couple levels in Nimble skill to unlock them or speed them up. Practicing and teaching Parkour in real life showed me that most "regular people" can hardly pass waist-high fences without first sitting on, then swinging their legs over them. Climbing a 2 meters-high fence without a rope or something to hang up onto? Almost IMPOSSIBLE to newbies And then in game, our characters do perfect Speed Vaults while running, and pass high fences in a couple seconds, without any training... 0_0 So yeah, would make the game more realistic, challenging and rewarding if those expert vaults had to be unlocked with the Nimble skill (which is almost useless right now anyways). Would also be nice to add landing rolls when falling, at Master levels. Further note: If I had to choose, I would reorganize the Agility skills entirely by bringing back Strength and Fitness into the main tab, merging Lightfooted into Sneaking, and renaming Nimble -> Agility So you would have: - Strength (carry weight, melee damage + pushback, rope climbing) - Fitness (stamina, (resistance to damage and illness?)) - Sprinting (running acceleration and max speed) - Sneaking (walking noise + speed + concealment when sneaking) - Agility (vaulting speed + abilities, (chances to evade zombies' grasp and attacks?)) So those are my ideas. What do you think?
  2. Let's just say that you make a desperate run for the police station because the hordes are closing in on your home... Now a horde three times the size had besieged the P.D. They chase you and you find more and more zombies, one more idea in a real zombocalypse.... THE ROOF! HECK YEAH! So you climb to the roof of your house, then the zomboids will wait for you to come down, you'll need watr and food and ammo, so you jump to the next roof, and climb down, then you can just run home! It also helps against banditos on MP, they might have to climb the wrecked stairs everyone wants? Or as a zombie safe tree house? Annoying to get into and easy to besiege but it might just save you in the long run if done right! If this seems to OP then please leave ideas on how to balance it, like risk of injury, zombie spawns on roofs (Idiot survivors :cool:) or some buildings are only access-able buy climbing! Like in 'I AM ALIVE' by Ubisoft.
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