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Found 1 result

  1. Trojan_Turps

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    The traditional Zomboid killing weapons (axe, baseball bat, knife, gun, etc.) are not great for hunting in the apocalypse. Hand to hand melee weapons all lack the range because wild stuff runs away! Although the exception to this rule is domesticated animals. Guns are really noisy and turn you from predator to prey rather quickly. So some new weapons are going to be needed. (hopefully!?!?) Javelin Long thin shaft with spiky bit on one end. Like a spear but able to be thrown and breaks easily if used for fighting. Sling Two bit of cord attached to a pouch, Used to kill giants among other things. Both quiet to use and relatively easy to make. (compared to a bow) Both require skill to use but have been around for a while now. So must be OK? Also! Stuff normally runs away before dying if it can. So some kind of tracking is a must! Stuff can make a lot of noise as it dies. So using a silent weapon isn't completely safe! Also! Also! The best thing to hunt with is probably a modern bow / crossbow. (But whats the fun in that?)