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Found 4 results

  1. This is my 1st ever playthrough, electricity just went down, so I went outside to char my remaining perishable meat in a conveniently placed BBQ grill. Initially I thought that I needed to put all the fuel into the grill along with the meal I am about to cook, but then I found a separate "Add Fuel" menu. To my surprise, it wasn't very specific about what it adds to the fuel pile, and I accidentally added a bunch of notes I kept on skill books that I had collected already. I didn't lit the grill yet at that point, but I couldn't find the "Remove Fuel" menu option. Is adding fuel irreversible then?
  2. A misplaced red pixel appears on sheep ropes that hang cardinal north (toward top right of screen). This only occurs with Double-Sized Textures enabled. Double-Sized Textures ON Double-Sized Textures OFF
  3. Hi, Despite that I have everything needed in my inventory (I checked at least three times), I can't proceed to craft a jar of cabbages. In the receipe interface, all the ingredients are even highlighted (signifying that the game acknowledge that I have everything needed), and despite this, the button to craft that receipe is disabled, and the contextual menu (via right click on a jar) don't give me the option either. Please note that I have no problem to make jar of radishes and jar of potatoes (I couldn't test with other vegetables, sorry). EDIT: Forget it, I'm stupid, the cabbages were were partialy frozen. By the way, it could be interestig to have a mention somewhere in the receipe interface saying why we can't craft it in such cases.
  4. To be honnest, I can't tell if it's a bug or a feature: When I find keys on a zombie's corpse that is nearby a car, it appears that they are not the keys for said car (not even the good model). And if I scout around for the good car, I can't find it. Is it done on purpose or is it a bug? Having a zombie carrying car keys is pretty rare (at least in survivor mode) so I can't tell if this situtation is frequent. However, each time I found car keys on a zombie, it was not far from a car (but not the good one), and I couldn't find the car corresponding to the keys. I don't kow if it's related to that bug or not: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37833-car-keys-do-not-work-on-corresponding-near-by-cars/&tab=comments#comment-315281
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