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Found 6 results

  1. Not sure if someone has done suggest this yet. I think we should have a random injury on driver and passenger when you're drive a car and crash on something with high velocity. Like leg fracture, cut on the head et cetara.
  2. So with the implementation of the random chance of starting injury (Which I think should also include random thirst/hunger/mood when NPC's arrive) there have been a few people who were less than accepting of the situation, and a few who love it. I suggest a compromise. A new trait, which costs 0 points called 'opt out'. All it does is give you standard starting stats for hunger/thirst/injury and mood. Everything else remains the same. (Potentially there could be a list as well, like remove random from hunger or thirst or mood or injury so you can still have some random fun) This way people who don't want it can just opt-out, and those who do can revel in the challenge of randomly having a really CD-DAy. EDIT: As well comments have made a good point about this also being a checkbox during world/sandbox creation.
  3. Redux I've done a similar suggestion a while back and it seems to have been deleted, probably from lack of activity. It was then limited to falling from sheet ropes. I've since saw a discussion on steam about sheet ropes breaking. I've also climbed a sheet rope while carrying 3 fridges (1 primary, 1 secondary, 1 in inventory)... so I think it's time to get this out there again. From the past to the present Initialy, there was some complaints about the randomness of possible injury that made that suggestion unpopular. Although there may be a random part to it, most of this suggestion is about common sense and realism. It's not normal that one can climb a rope while carrying a fridge in his right and left hand... and another in his pockets. Climbing a rope while carrying a single fridge should be a feat in itself, one where you pray to whatever god you worship (or all of them) that the rope does not break, that you don't fall or even that you don't drop that fridge and break it. It's not all about randomness Things like weight/bulkiness (simplified into weight units for convenience), having items equiped sencondary/primary, skills (nimble, strength, maybe others), rope strength (I've made a suggesion about marinas and possible high grade ropes too... but the regular rope vs sheet rope is a start), and lastly luck should affect the outcome of climbing a rope. So what would it look like in game? Breaking If you try to climb with lot of weight (including yourself... another drawback of being overweight) or if the rope is weak, it should have a high chance of breaking. Low to moderate weight should have none to low chance of breaking. Falling or other form of fails If you try to climb a rope with low skills, high weight or item equiped in hands, there should be a high chance of falling resulting in injury. There should also be a chance that you drop said equiped items (or even some inventory). While this is not so bad for simple items like weapons, clothes, etc... delicate items (electronics, furniture, etc) or obvious breakables (glass containers) would have a high chance of breaking with a single story drop (and near certainty for higher drops). But it could be done, with or without some degree of risk Now, if your smart about it and carry minimal weight (say... only what you have in a big hicking bag on your back) and have normal strength... it should be near automatic success. A few extra point in nimble would guarantee the success and/or allow more risky moves. Wait, what about moodles? Yes, moodles like exertion or fatigue could have an adverse effect to, but only on the falling part. Same would go for drunkedness. ... and what about traits? Well, some of them have direct effect already (character weight, strength). But others like clumsy/agile could come into play as well in the falling part. Exemples that where given a while back for unfun RNG Hitting your thumb with a hammer, sawing yourself while using a saw or even cutting yourself with a knife. Those are rarer occurrences in normal life, assuming the person is not extremely tired or intoxicated (or clumsy). I've used all of the above a lot of time in my life and count only a few minor cuts and one broken finger (working below material to try to remove it without breaking it). Assuming I'm average, for simplification purposes those things have no chance of happening. Now I've never been able to actualy climb a rope... so I don't know how I'd do that while carrying 3 fridges (I've never carried 3 fridges either...). My character must be Chuck Norris I've seen or been one out of two guys struggling to move a fridge (one) up stairs without a dolly. I don't think I could carry one up a rope... I don't think anyone could... well, except Chuck Norris of course .
  4. This feature was intended in my own zombie game project which was unfortunately not successfull due to lack of funding and the ability assamble a good team We however made a really nicely outlined plan for it (89 pages) and one of the things which would (i think) go well in this game is this. Your character can get "permanent" or "semi permanent" moodlets which only go away if some special treatment/event occurs or will not go away at all for example: "Crazy" - Your character has gone completely insane from the constant exposure to depression and anger. You will now suffer a penalty for interactions with NPC's (occasionally mumble random sentences could be fun?) "Veteran" - You have become a survivor veteran, you have seen so many things and overcome all challenges so far that there is now nothing that can surprise you. Gets panicked less. "Broken leg" - Due to the severe impact to your bones they broke, this needs to be treated or it can be the cause of your demise. Need to get a crutch or something, to recover or lose health over time while moving. Can recover in 1-2 weeks. Cause can be falling down from 1 floor, being hit by blunt weapon (NPC or Multiplayer). "Smoking Addict" - You have become addicted to smoking. Unless you get your regular cigarettes you become depressed and unhappy more quickly. Can come off it if not smoking for 1 month. "Drinking Addict" - You have become addicted to drinking. Unless you can get some alcohol in your system regularlry you will become depressed and unhappy more quickly. Can come off it if not drinking for 1 month. "Concussion" - You have been hit on the head too hard and you feel dizzy. Accuracy and vision decreased. Will go away in 1-3 days. "Iron stomach" - You are so used to eating bad food, that you eat those dead mice without blinking. Receives less penalty for unhappyness for eating disgusting food. (aquired by eating a lot of worms, mice, rats) These could even be like the traits you pick at the character creation, or listed as a moodlet I have a lot more ideas, but I just put down a few to see what you guys think!
  5. Hello PZ community, I was wondering if anyone has suffered a back injury from carrying too much. When heavily loaded we receive the moodle "Extremely Heavy Load. Threatened Back Injury. Movement Compromised". I was wondering if anyone has actually been injured from carrying too much. For the longest time I avoided hopping over fences, climbing sheet ropes, sprinting, combat, and pretty much anything else that would be difficult if heavily loaded and might cause injury. However, recently I have become a bit more brazen in my actions and find myself hopping out windows, climbing up sheet ropes (BTW I think it would be a nice touch if you couldn't climb sheet ropes with a heavy load unless you had the strong perk), jogging down the street, etc. Other than becoming tired and not being able to recooperate, I haven't encountered any negative effect. Am I just lucky, or is this another thing that will be added in the future?
  6. Hello fellow survivalists I recently bought PZ and managed to acomplish 10 hours in the last 3 days by now (weeee ). I like the realistic approach of the game and all the stuff that could happen to you (friend of mine just died on a burned steak yesterday ). i used the search function but coulnd't find anything so excuse me if it has been suggested or already been talked about. Im already missing one important thing to the whole survival aspect (survived 3.5 Days in sanbox by now) Bone Fractures I was on the 2nd floor of a house when i opened a door to a bedroom with 3 zombies to surprise me. My kitchen knife lasted for one of them so i had to retread to the next bedroom. i closed the door and while the Z's were trying to get in (at least that's what i interpreted the banging outside for) i was pretty much trapped. So i smashed the Window and jumped worrying about, what a broken leg could mean to my situation and how i had to treat it and how long it would take. Unfortunatly i got disapointed at my landing. "Only" losing a good amount of health and beeing in pain but nothing broken or similar. To proof myself i started another game and sent half a day jumping out of the 2nd floor of a building...nothing . (btw. there totally should be a "dive through" option ). So here's my suggestion: Possibility of bone fractures! There already is this neat little 17 section health status window so making it possible to break one or many of these sections would be the next logical step to me some should be harder to break (legs are pretty strong) and some should be easier (hands and feet already break if you mistake your landing). I don't know much about programming but maybe it is possible to make a "breaking threshold" for each part. of course breaking your neck would definitly lead to death. The tile you're landing on combined with the height you're jumping from should be given consideration to this. i.e. landing on grass would dampen the impact while concrete is more of a hard landing. In winter, grass should be handled like concrete. The Nimble skill could reduce the chance of breaking a bone. Example: 2nd floor drop = 60% chance to break a bone landing on grass tile = -10% chance to break a bone landing on concrete = +- 0% Landing on rocks/trees = +10% Nimble = reduces chance by 10%/level so if you are level 5 nimble you go all ninja and don't have to worry about a 2nd floor window that much leaving you a 20% chance to break a bone in the worst case (just like scratches might infect you in worst case). 3rd floor should have a 100% chance in this calculation while Nimble only gives half the benefit (jumping out of the 3rd floor just is something you don't want to do) The fracture itself should be something an everyday man should be able to handle (take a 3 day first aid course and you pretty much know the basics). you can even learn it from books. (medical skill?) so if you manage to get to your safe house, you can take 4 sticks and 2 bandages to treat the fracture (simplyfied). If you broke both legs the player only could crawl (the sprite is already there for the Z's) back home. (thats what you get for jumping off the 3rd floor ). The fracture should last for about 1 - 2 weeks ( maybe an option for sanbox so hardcore survivalists could set it to 4-6 weeks to heal?) the effects should be something like Broken leg/foot + sprinting = severe pain moodle Broken arm/hand + swinging 2 handed weapon = severe pain moodle Both legs/feet = no more sprinting for you, walking causes severe pain Both arms/hands = swinging a weapon goes with severe pain after half of the healing period the moodle should reduce to only "pain" that's pretty much the basic suggestion form me Im from germany so excuse me if my english isn't that perfect hope i didn't oversee a already exsisting thread have a nice day Daec P.s. to bind in another Suggestion i really favor (Clumsy Survivors by Fenrix) Imagine beeing on the 2nd floor, you open the door and 3 zombies go for you. instead of jumping out the window you raise your axe/bat and back away to the stairs behind you, keeping the Z's focused Unfortunatly on top of the stairs there is a bloody corpse lying, so you trip over it and fall down the stairs, breaking an arm and a leg, passing out in pain....
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