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Found 6 results

  1. Self-inflicted wounds, that can happpen when using a tool. Cuts from knives, saws (hands or arms), screwdrivers (hands only), and hatchets (legs or head), burns from welding torch (limbs), bruises - new kind of injury, not needing any treatment and healing quickly - from hammers (hands or arms) and sledge (legs or head). When sleepy, ill, drunk, panicked, heavily stressed, and having "All thumbs" or "Unlucky" traits - chance of accident increases. Staying home away from zombies will not guarantee you not seeing any blood anymore.
  2. Welcome. This is another one of my many LONG posts as you may know. So as normal I would like to thank you for taking a look at this and warning you, it will be a long post. Now I would like to get to the post so here we go. Let’s jump right into the list of new illnesses and injuries: · Headaches- This minor effect causes pain and strain when hearing noise or moving a lot. This is a symptom of dehydration, a fever, or head injuries. · Bruises- This is caused from blunt damage, and collision with things. It just causes minor pain when moving, hit, or damaged. · Sunburns- This is caused from being out over a long period of time without being covered or having sunscreen on. It will leave a lasting burn over exposed surfaces, and cause pain when touched or exposed to hot water as well as the sun. · Sweaty- This effect as described in my clothing ideas will cause clothes to become wet as well as dirty making zombies able to smell you from a short distance. It over time will also speed up the process of a rash forming. · Rash- This is caused when uncomfortable and wet over periods of time or caused be reactions to things. It will just simply make your character unhappy, move and work slower, as well as pain if not taken care of. · Wilts- These are like bruises but come from other sources. · Splinters- This is something that causes minor pain from working with wood bare handed. Removed by tweezers. · Sore- This is a Moodle caused by running or working for long periods. It makes you weaker and slower as well as pain whenever moving. · Toothaches- this is caused by eating junky food repeatedly for long periods. · Discomfort- this is another cause of rashes from being wet, multiple layers of clothing, and other things. · Cramps- These are caused by having too much junk, alcohol, or symptoms of illnesses. · Streep throat- This illness is caused randomly and causes pain whenever eating or drinking. It heals over time and with antibiotics. · Pink eye- This is caused randomly and fixed by eye drops. It causes a lower visibility arc and spreads faster if exposed to others with it. · Athlete’s foot- This is caused by being barefoot often or having dirty shoes mentioned in my clothing ideas. It causes discomfort and slight pain. · Fever- This is caught from being in cold temperatures, exposed to illness, or randomly. It causes you to feel hot and cold randomly, not be hungry or thirsty but still need it, and be tired constantly. · Cold- Caused by the same things as fevers but has different symptoms. With colds you feel tired, not hungry or thirsty, you sneeze often, have blurred vision, and sometimes a sore throat. · Sprains/tears- this is caused by pushing yourself past sore or exhausted and still going. It causes pain when moving, if walked on can lead to permanent damage in legs, getting more severe. It takes only about a week to recover and you require rest. · Flu- this is caused randomly like the cold and flu but makes you feel nauseous, tired, not hungry or thirsty, and sneeze often. · Ammonia- this comes from being wet and cold. It is like a really bad cold and fever but you need medical attention urgently. · Hypothermia- this is from being in the cold. It causes slowness in speed and working; you lose feeling of arms and legs, as well as start to lose your vision. · Heat stroke- much like hypothermia this is from the heat. It makes you thirsty and tired as well as sweaty. As time passes your vision blurs and fades until you black out. · Concussion- caused by blunt trauma this causes nausea and headaches. · Scrapes- these are caused by damage and do very little but cause pain and doo bleed slowly. Caused from minor damage sources. · Minor cuts- Like scrapes but these are a little bit worse and bleed a bit faster while causing more pain. Now for a list of new medical items and some with updated uses: · Weak pain killer- This is a pain killer found in houses that can stop minor pain · Strong pain killer- This is a painkiller that will kill almost any pain but can only be found in medical centers. · Aloe Vera- This is used to heal sunburns faster. · Sunscreen- this makes sunburns takes longer to occur. · Rash ointment- used to heal rashes or soothe them for the time. · Ice pack- Used to cool down · Heat pack- Used to warm up. · Toothpaste- helps prevent toothaches. · Allergy pill- used to stop allergies or sneezing. · Cold medicine- helps heal colds and makes you tired. · Medical braces- This helps you heal from sprains and strains faster. · Super glue- helps heals small cuts and scrapes. · Cough syrup-This helps heal colds, flu’s, and fevers. · Tongue depressant- This is possibly used for crafting? · Q-tips- like cotton balls, for disinfecting but more precise and does better for deep wounds. · Stethoscope- helps diagnose medical problems. · Eye drops- soothes pink eye. · Fungal killer- kills athlete’s foot. · Deodorant- his helps stop you sweating for a certain time. · Scalpel- this is used to cut and remove objects in the body with precision. It also could be a weapon. · Rubber gloves- These gloves can be worn during medical procedures so you don’t spread any illnesses or cause an infection that could prove fatal. · Crutch- This could be used as a weapon but also as a way to move with injured legs. · Syringe- possibly for stronger medical things or used for other things. Now for the new occupations and ETC: · Diagnosis system- This system proposes that doctors can make a flawed diagnosis on both the living and dead. The higher the skill the more accurate the diagnosis. It will be able to tell whether he is stabbed when low leveled to what tool was used, at higher levels. This skill also has a variation where it is the diagnosis of the mental state of people. (Proposed by Jericoshost. Link down below.) · Psychiatrist- This job costs -6 but in return gives +2 to the skill of Observant and the trait analytic. · Doctors- Now can tell the different wounds at a higher chance then an average player. (1.2X boost) · Observant skill- This skill is the skill of observing you surroundings and understanding players/people better. The higher it is the better you can read NPC’s and observe little details around you. · Analytic trait- This trait boosts the speed the observant skill levels up and increases its effectiveness. Now as always this post has to end so I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at this and enjoy. Links: 1) Injuries revamp idea by Jericoshost. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/15628-diagnosis-and-injury-re-vamp/ 2) Clothing ideas. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14771-clothing/ 3) Animal and pets idea. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/15926-animals-pets-and-hunting/
  3. You are cutting trees deep in the forest and a sudden roar fills the air. Next thing you see is a bear closing on you. You are foraging in a glade and a hissing sound alerts you to a nearby snake, ready to inject poison into your veins. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you fellow players think about dangerous animals idea? Since animals are already confirmed I think it would make a nice addition to actually have few dangerous species (bears, snakes, wolves, etc.). Those would attack a player only if he is not careful, or if he disturbs their nest. Dangerous animals could injure the player (light to serious injuries) - and that would add some opportunites to use medical skills without worrying about zombie infection.
  4. Hello everyone! you may remember me a few years back posting some ideas, it was a pretty popular thread, well i'm back with new ideas. Here we go! Respectful constructive criticism is appreciated! New game mechanics and medical issues! They're big, they're bad, and they can either help you to a great base, or lead you into your ultimate demise. Here's some game mechanics that i think should be added, and why: Renaming weapons: Have you ever wanted a gun named after you? Well today is your lucky day! In this feature you'd be enabled to rename guns and melee weapons, but unless you put a note next to it in a container saying "I AM HEAVY WEAPONS GUY, AND THIS IS MY WEAPON", others won't see the name as its a personal name. Reduced accuracy during night: Typically, if you go outside in day with a gun, and shoot a target, you'll do well. If you go outside at midnight without any lights, and try to shoot a target, especially a moving one, you won't do very well. Chronic pains: Sometimes, if you break a bone, or lose a large piece of your body, e.g. your hand or arm, It may mess with your body, to a point where you'll get chronic pains. Today, surgeries are available to correct this, except for ghost pains, but in the zombie apocalypse, the only surgery you can get with great success is your disembowelment via zombies. They sure love them intestines! Bone breaks that pierce the skin: Generally, this happens when the bone is entirely broken and the bone is moved out of place, and goes into the skin. If its sharp, it cuts it open, and causes incredible agony. Readable newspapers and pre-made journals: Although the devs won't add a starting time before the apocalypse, or while its happening, (at least not yet, they're full of surprises) this doesn't mean there's no backstory, or can't be! In order to help this, there should be readable newspapers and pre-made journals by other survivors, which can be taken from NPCs and their bases, or zombies you've killed. This would go very well with the new TV and Radio stations they're putting in soon, and NPCs could talk about it too! Weapons causing impaired turning: If you're holding a large gun, or something like a sledgehammer, you're gonna turn slightly slower than you would without it. In this case, a lighter gun, like a pistol or SMG would mean faster turning, and a bigger gun, like a large rifle or machine gun (which i highly doubt would be added) Dislocations: If you carry a very heavy load, or move a joint in a way its not supposed to move, sometimes it'll pop out of place. This will cause some pretty nasty pain and will need to be popped back into place. There are some tricks to pop a joint back in, depending on where it is, But if you throw out your back or pop your hip out of place, well, just hope you're not in a horde of zombies, and the next guy that finds you won't kill you. Guns, guns, guns! Guns, oh guns, the lifeblood of video games. Here's some that would make a good addition to the game, in my opinion, and a reason why: Semi-Auto AR-15: Yes, maybe it could be counted as "overpowered", but its a simple AR-15, semi auto, heck, maybe even with 20 round mag, plus they're pretty common! I think it would be good to bring at least one assault rifle, low powered at least, to the game. Potato cannon/Squirt gun: Why not? When you run out of bullets and melee weapons, use water and plants! Different type rifles, most older style, like M14s or M24s: They'd give a better variety to the guns alone, and give a more realistic feeling to it, but i could imagine them being rare. SMGs, Typically, smaller/weaker ones, like an MP7 20 round or an MP5k: This will give a new weapon variety, next to the AR-15, and other assault rifles if they're added, that may or may not be more common, and although would have a faster firing rate, they'd have more recoil and less accuracy, and they're low powered, since they use 9mm, and some 45. ACP. I'll explain more spawns for these in the new locations in this thread, so keep reading! New weapon accessories: Foregrip: Reduces recoil and muzzle climb. Gives a more solid grip on the weapon. Can be broken if using a plastic foregrip while panicked. Tactical Flashlight: Pretty self explanatory. Heavy barrel: A heavier variant of your current barrel, depending on the weapon. Reduces muzzle climb and improves overall accuracy. Retractable stock: Reduces carry weight and improves mobility. can increase or reduce recoil depending on skill with guns. Ergonomic grip: Reduces recoil. Increased comfort while using gun. Lighted sights: increased accuracy during night. Perhaps someone can mod in things like suppressors and what not if they haven't already, although the devs won't add it, it'd still be a great addition imo. New locations! Fort Knox: Yes i know this sounds a bit far-fetched, but i looked at muldraugh on google earth to compare it to the in game version, and i noticed, fort knox is right there (yes, i didn't know where it was, but i knew it was in kentucky), So it could be implemented in the game as a major military location, and yes, they're all dead. A military base, big or small, square or round: No zombie apocalypse is complete without a lootable military base. This, and Ft. knox, could be the house to a wide variety of weapons, including assault rifles, battle rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, ect. And yes, they'd be a hotspot for hordes since generally when a zombie apocalypse happens, people are gonna run to the military for protection, which in this case, ultimately failed. Butcher's shops: A major place for all sorts of meats, with the exception of restaurants having them, but restaurants are overrated these days. When i was playing PZ once, we survived off of meat for five days! no, not really, but still, a butchery. Factories: Do you ever go to a warehouse and think "I wonder who put that there..." .....no? just me? Well, here's the solution: Factories! Although there wouldn't be many of them, a few would do a lot of good, and be a good place for finding, well, whatever they once produced or manufactured. Maybe a gun factory, to give parts for guns? *hint hint* Different types of animals, for when they're added. Here's some ideas: Horses: Tamed and/or tamable, they're a great method of transportation, but can be kinda loud, and can panic and run away, get sick, and all that bad stuff. Plus, you may want to ensure yours isn't eaten by a horde near a destroyed tank, which you'll have to crawl into to survive. oh i'm clever at references Dogs, but more in depth, different breeds and their unique skills: Some dog breeds have their own skills, most into which they were bred for. Lets talk about some of those: Golden retrievers: Well, its in their name. They find animals, and bring them to you. They're also great fetch players! German Sheppards and Pitbulls: Strong and loyal, these dogs will always win the fight! ... providing its a 1v1 situation. Chihuahuas: Great lapdogs! They're very nice and comforting, and can help if you're in pain or panicked/stressed, or just bored, you can play with them! But they don't fight too well, but they can bark as a warning of intruders, like all the other dogs, but still! Coyotes: I know this isn't a "Dog" technically, but it sort of is. These guys can be found somewhat deep into the woods, and tend to come in packs, but this is uncommon due to hunting and now the zombie threat. They can tend a pretty big threat anyways, as wolves can easily run you down and maul you, and can give you rabies if you survive. But maybe not... who knows? Now for other animals: Bears: Typically alone, and live deeeeeeep in the woods, they're incredibly strong and pretty fast, and unless you play dead, the probability of surviving is practically zero. But they're pretty big, so you would probably kill them before they kill you... hopefully. Snakes: They live in the woods, and some in the suburbs, and can be deadly, or just an annoyance. There are all types of snakes, and some can be poisonous, but they make some good eatin! The rest i would recommend would already be added, like deer and other such hunting animals, or don't live in that part of the country, so. Next: Zombies. Now you may be thinking "But aaaaxeeeellll, they won't put in any different zombies except for crawlers!" Yep, i know that, but they never said anything on where they can be! What i'd like to talk about today is where they can be, and how it can affect you, the survivor. Now, generally, you can find zombies in houses locked in a place like a bathroom or bedroom, and typically, when you don't see anything, you go in. But, what if they weren't just standing around? I think it would be a good idea to allow zombies to spawn, or be put into things like Dressers and showers, or stuffed in a fairly large cabinet or crate, and under the furniture, especially. Now although this used to be a feature, but seemed a bit of an annoyance to be mauled by an opponent you can't see, so my plan to resolve this, is have them be more visible, and have an option to look under furniture, or reinstate the option to move them. Generally, zombies are sloppy creatures, they don't have the intelligence to hide well or camo themselves, so the best they can do to hide under a bed is lay down however they may be, and chill out there for awhile. In turn, you can probably see an arm or a leg sticking out from under the bed, which is a telltale sign that you're not alone here. So, next time you loot a house and think you might spend the night, look under the beds and couches, they might be waiting for you. And now, our second to last topic for this post. In this, i'd like to talk about realism, even more in depth. Although i'd put up an argument saying that guns and ammo are incredibly common, ect, that would get rid of the challenge quite a bit. so, instead, we're gonna talk about your character. You're character is a survivor, one of the last humans possibly on earth, but what happens if hes not really what he seems? I think it would be a good idea to add different mental disorders, like Paranoia or OCD, which can affect your mood. This can add a ton more realism to the players and NPCs alike, and forge even better personalities for the characters. And for the last suggestion, NPC traits and what not Now, when i say traits, you may think like the traits you pick when you make a new character. Now, partially, yes, but not only that, but some jobs and current occupations and what not. Here's some: The Vet (animal vet, that is): Although he can't help people too much in first aid, he specializes in treating animals, like horses,dogs, cats, ect. The Convict: When the apocalypse started, everything went to hell pretty quickly, and in the midst of this, he/she was able to escape his confinement, and go out to this new, hellish world. But what was he convicted of, and how will it affect your group? Was he a murderer, a thief, or worse...? Now to explain further as requested, There would be a specific set of the criminals most likely, and they'd have their own trait sets to follow, including the possibility of one or two unrelated skills. For example, Thieves would have lightfooted and other skills to help them remain undetected, while Murderers would have slightly more strength and speed, but aren't very mentally stable. And yes, there's going to be all the other ones, like the ex-military, the doctor, the cop, the firefighter, the construction worker, ect. Plus, with the NPCs would come with a moral system, based on leadership and current situations, and if moral gets too low, or you just have a bad mix of survivors, well, just hope things don't go too badly, and keep your pistol with you. Loaded. Well, that's about it for now, i'll probably update this or post another suggestion thread if i get some better ideas, and i hope these would be taken in consideration by the devs, these are things i'd love to see in the game! And yes, i know NPCs and animals and what not are already being added. Again, respectful, constructive criticism is appreciated. Tell me what you guys think and what you'd like to see the comments. Have a good day/night/apocalypse everyone!
  5. Okay, I apologize if I'm doing something wrong, here, but... I recently picked Zomboid back up again after a few months hiatus. A lot has changed! I'm impressed with the updates, but a few things are bugging me a little, so I thought I'd talk about them here so that maybe someone could inform me as to if I'm simply not doing things right. To put it bluntly, the new bandages system is extremely frustrating and time consuming. I sterilize a bunch of bandages, no big deal. I get a "scratch", which, to me sounds like an 'oops' ordeal, not a 'oh no, I'm going to lose an arm' ordeal. Keeping this in mind, I slap a sterile bandage on it and go about my survivalist life. No more than 3-5 minutes later, the bandage is dirty. So I'm thinking, okay... maybe they took a realism approach and fighting zombies is getting it "dirty" so quickly. Instead, I opt for simply looting houses and organizing stuff, etc. Things that wouldn't get my hands dirty, so to speak. Same problem. It's barely been 5 minutes (I'm talking real time, since I've no idea how long that is game-time-- my days are set to be an hour long) and I need to change the bandages again. Repeat this ordeal about 3+ more times on an infected wound- significantly less for one not infected. I will also note that I do not have zombification activated- i.e.: playable character will not get sick / infected / turn until dead, presumably. My problem with this is, well... no matter the wound, be it bite, scratch, infected or not; this is extremely annoying to me and not so realistic. I love zomboid and almost ALL its features, but this is the very first time I've ever been generally distraught about things. Thick skin (since it's been moved to the trait choice list) seems significantly less effective than it used to be, so I'm getting injured more often now than before when first starting a game. I've tried seeing if choosing first aid traits helps with needing to replace bandages SO often, but it doesn't. Is this how it's intended to be? Or have I encountered some sort of bug? I really don't mind this new bandage feature, but the rate at which you need to replace the bandages really is frustrating and annoying; heaven forbid you've chosen the slow healer negative trait, which, don't even get me started. Biggest mistake ever, choosing that one with this new bandage system! Any help would be much obliged. Is there a way to slow bleeding to stop bandages from getting dirty so often...? I'm using sterilized bandages... the real ones, not sheets or anything else. Not adhesives. Actual bandages.
  6. After reading the Antiseptic thread, an idea popped into my head about different types of not only treatments, but wounds and injuries one can receive. Like when I fall off the platform for the 11 millionth time, it strikes me as odd that all I have to do is hustle inside, chow down on food and wait to heal. If we had the same injury in real life, we would most likely have fractured or broken a bone. So I think we should have multiple types of injuries that a quick hit of food will not be able to fix, and will require extra medical attention to treat it with. And depending on the injury type and maybe what caused the injury, there can be a chance of illness, or at least penalties to a character until they fully recover. Some injuries, treatments, and effects could be: Minor cuts- Bandage, butterfly bandage?. Simple mundane injury here. Puncture/stab wound - bandage, butterfly bandage?. Would require some antibiotics to help prevent chance of illness ( maybe possibility of getting the zombie virus if stabbed with a knife that has zombie blood on it?). Wide Cuts/slash wound- Stitching, bandages. Antibiotics can help reduce chance of illness You must stich this wound up or you will continue to bleed out. Gouged out eye- sterile gauze?, bandages. With only one eye your field of vision is reduced, but at least you could wear a cool eye patch. (Not sure if a blind character could be a thing or how it would be implemented). Sprained arm/leg or broken arm/leg- the arms would require a splint and a sling, and it will take longer to loot and unable to hold 2 handed items or wield a weapon with two hands. The legs would require just a splint but huge penalty to moving, having a walking stick or a crutch(es) can reduce the penalty. ( Recovery should only be a few days to a couple in game weeks, not realistic but it would be very boring/difficult to play if your person had to wait weeks or months to recover). Bite/Mauling wound- Bandages, stitching. Not just by zombies, but possibly from feral animals or pets of PCs/NPCs, antibiotics can help reduce chance of a NORMAL INFECTION ONLY (If bitten by a zombie pray to the gods it won't kill you). Envenomed- Anti-venom. With the knowing that animals will soon be introduced, it could be possible to encounter venomous animals native to Kentucky and be bitten by one. The venom could have a chance to kill a player and if they could find very rare anti-venom in a hospital somewhere, it will cure them of it. A venomous bite will make PCs and NPCs very sick and weak, if pets are bit they have an extremely higher mortality rate. Amputation- This has been debated to hell and back on weather it will be in the game or not with threads dedicated to it solely. Only listing it as more of an acknowledgement that its an injury that can be encountered.
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