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Found 2 results

  1. WARNING: Everything in this post is all theoretical. All evidence is taken from the game’s TV and radio dialogue. If you don’t want to be spoiled, do not read this thread. Howdy everyone, I decided recently to undertake the noble quest of determining how the zombie virus started within the PZ lore. After looking through hundreds of in-game dialogues I have reached my own set of conclusions. Please note that all ‘evidence’ from the game is not exactly 'reliable primary source' information and the devs made plenty sure to plant a lot of red herrings all throughout. I believe that... Dogs caused the zombie outbreak Pretty random theory right? Throughout the TV and radio transmissions, dogs are mentioned a surprisingly amount, each in completely mutually exclusive events and circumstances. I will be going through all the tidbits of evidence and analysing them to show you how I reached my conclusion. Well here goes: 1. The United States Government are conducting secret experiments within Kentucky. Leak occurs and dog accidentally makes contact with the virus and spreads it through Kentucky. This caller claims that he works as a janitor and that “they have science stuff in a military installation”, significantly noting that the “security guys’ dog was sick”. It’s very possible that this caller is making this up, but let’s hypothesise that this event is true: Could it be possible that the government were testing biological/chemical weapons that ultimately resulted in the zed’s? That an unfortunate leak of some kind occurred, resulting in the security guy’s dog getting sick and potentially spreading it around to those unfortunate in Kentucky, resulting in the Knox Event? Perhaps the virus doesn’t reanimate animals/dogs however could it still make them sick? This becomes relevant later... The reliability of this caller isn’t concrete, however what is interesting is that there appears to be a secret government-esque facility that already exists within PZ’s map. What stands out even more is that the location of this facility is absent from the online PZ map project and void of any mention at all. Pretty secret stuff. Could this have been where the virus originated from? (If you wanna know it’s location, do your research. I won’t make it too easy for you ) Furthermore, there is an interview on WLBN between the WLBN interviewer and a retired Lieutenant General where it is revealed that “in the sixties this area [Kentucky] was used for chemical testing”. Taking this into account, is it outlandish to think that they would continue different forms of testing within Kentucky? This is highlighted yet again in an NNR broadcast. The involvement of secret Government testing would also explain our next bit of evidence.. 2. The Government had a contingency plan for the outbreak. There is a lot of reliable corroborating evidence from multiple radio stations (WLBN, Kentucky talk etc.) supporting that the Government had a great deal of awareness on the Knox Event and a contingency plan in place to prevent it. How could they have known about the situation so quickly and respond almost instantaneously if they weren’t involved? Is it such a coincidence that the phone lines were cut down a few days before the Knox Event? About the same time period that helicopters are reportedly flying over unusually low at unusual times. 3. More mentions of dogs In this source Twiggy mentions that his dog had been sick. Could it be the same sickness that the security guys’ dog got, implying that dogs could be a vector source for the virus? Or maybe one big red herring? In this source a caller claims that the military shot his dog. What possible reason would the military have for shooting his dog? Could it be possible that the military have adopted the approach of specifically targeting any dogs they come into contact to reduce the spread of the virus after having known that the virus had originally been passed around Kentucky via the security guy’s dog as a vector? Again, in this Triple N transmission a caller claims that the military took their dog “for no reason at all”. Strange, huh? One last thing... On the Commonly Suggested Suggestions thread the devs confirmed for dogs to be in the game at some point.. 4. The spreading of the Knox Virus Whilst not related to dogs, it is interesting to note that a lot of in-game transmission mention a ‘bad smell’. In this source from Kentucky Talk radio a caller mentions something he could “smell in the air” that had “smelled bad for weeks”. Similarly, in LBMW another interviewee mentions an “awful bad smell here, for weeks”. At this point there is a lack of evidence for me to draw a conclusive conclusion, however we could speculate that perhaps this ‘bad smell’ could have been an airbourne/gaseous form of the virus that has slowly spread outside Kentucky? If that were the case then why didn’t the army have contingencies in place to prevent this? Or perhaps they weren’t aware of an airbourne form of the Knox Virus? 5. Survivors were unexpectedly released from fort knox quarantine.. This one is a weird one. In later WLBN broadcasts it is revealed that survivors that were once held in quarantine inside a military base in Knox have suddenly woken up with the doors unlocked, the army that had been holding them- now gone, with the only thing remaining being reanimated dead people in the main hall. What happened? Like before, it’s very hard to conclusively know what has happened. If I had to speculate, perhaps the army evacuated to General McGraw, after realising the true extent of the Knox infection, and anticipate the new waves of infection that would hit the whole of America? Or perhaps the captives held in quarantine were ‘immune’ carriers of the virus that inadvertently passed the infection onto the soldiers holding them captive, killing and changing them? This could lead us to our next bit of evidence…. Maybe we’ll find out more when Fort Knox is added to the game? 6. Big maybe: Those (inadvertently) released from quarantine passed the Knox Virus to the rest of the world This is a very big maybe, but it could provide an explanation of a big factor of how the world got infected so quickly. It’s no secret that there appears to be those that are immune to some forms of the Knox Virus, however it is never explained how the rest of the world got infected so quickly. I theorise that in addition to dogs/wild life (maybe even had the ‘bad smell’ gaseous form of the Virus attached on their bodies?) that spread the virus across Kentucky/America, and that those that happened to be immune and in close contact with the infected (such as the people in quarantine) are still carriers of the virus and can still pass it onto those non-immune. Mysteries worth mentioning: WLBN mentions very early on in the game of aircraft (presumably military) flying out of the exclusion zone. Could this have any significance? Could this be another factor for international infection? There also seems to be a mysterious period where all the transmissions from each radio station are ‘cut-off’. It’s possible this could be the military attempting to silence stations to temporarily prevent further information getting out.. Why would they target ‘Hitz’, the friendly music radio station that barely passes any information? Or is it something more..? I’ll let you determine. Knox Event outbreak theory timeline: - Contamination leak occurs at a secret govt facility that accidentally results in a security guard’s dog carrying the Knox Virus. Perhaps an airbourne form is also released. - The Knox Virus is spread throughout Kentucky and surrounding wildlife, infecting the locals and alerting the government. - Exclusion zone is set up. - Those in quarantine escape due to captors becoming infected, further passing the Knox Virus once they’ve left the boundaries of the exclusion zone. - The world is infected. - All is lost. You will die. Special thanks to the PZ devs for an awesome job with the radio/TV writing and for keeping me unhealthily obsessed with this. Also these three images below won't go away no matter how much I delete them.. pls ignore them
  2. Hi everyone! I am 3 days into my PZ world c:. I have lots of supplies, and I plan to scavenge a warehouse soon! So I was wondering what I do when I got to this stage. I have a fridge full of food, and a kitchen draw full of useful tools. I've never really gotten this far before, I just usually get killed by a horde . So yeah, what do I do now? (P.s. The electricity and water is still on and there are little to no zombies around my safe house) Thanks!
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