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Found 4 results

  1. I am adding several new items made from vanilla items and I want the icons in the inventory to have a vanilla feel and look, and thus I would like to see the different art files up close in photoshop, but I can't seem to find them?
  2. Greetings everyone! In this thread, I will upload the icons that you can freely use for any purpose. All icons are made by me. Icons are divided into categories. You can download one of the categories or completely all icons archive. You can also make a request to the icon that you need. All requests will I do as much as possible, but I can not guarantee that your request will be made. Attention. All icons that I made on request, I will upload here for free use for any purpose other users. Firearms (update 01.04.15): Changelog: Melee weapons (update 03.04.15): Changelog: Containers: Clothing: Changelog: Food (update 28.03.15): Changelog: Misc (update 26.03.15): Changelog: Download (update 03.04.15): All icons Permissions: P.S. I am sorry for errors in the text. I badly know English, wrote the text by means of the google translator.
  3. I will upload icons in this thread. Every icon uploaded is made by me. Every icon you find in this thread is free to use, credits are optional. I dont know very much about modding so they are no use to me. You can also request icons in this thread, but I dont guarantee that: - The icon will be done in a certain lapse of time. - The icon will meet your expectations. - The icon will be done at all. Of course Im trying to make the best result in a short time, but sometimes I might be just too busy to work on a request. Soy milk Toolbox Backpack
  4. I am trying to make a juice mod (Don't know if there's already one out there, it is more of a way of learning than making something new), but some of the icon textures in the inventory will not show up. This one works: item juicer{Weight = 0.5,Type = Normal,DisplayName = Hand Juicer,Icon = juicer.png,} But this one doesn't: item orangeJuice{HungerChange = -10,ThirstChange = -40,Weight = 1.0,Type = Food,DisplayName = Orange Juice,DaysFresh = 12,DaysTotallyRotten = 15,ReplaceOnUse = MuglIcon = orangejuice.png,} Does anyone have any ideas on what may be going wrong? I've tried everything I can think of. Any help would be appreciated.
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