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Found 4 results

  1. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    How to set the UI icon of a container?

    I added a custom ItemContainer to an IsoObject. In the inventory UI, it's now displayed with the default cupboard icon. How do I change that icon?
  2. Kirbyarm

    Custom Item Icons

    Hello everyone, I created an old mod when I used to play this. I could load individual .png image files and they loaded in the game perfectly fine, but after re-working my mod (took several hours this morning) to apply it to and include all of the latest changes in the game, none of the custom images work anymore. Everything else works but the images. They are mostly Item_ icons, and one Objects_ file. Previously I used this code in a random lua for it to work: function TestItemIcons.loadTextures() getTexture("Item_Cigar.png"); end Events.OnGameBoot.Add(TestItemIcons.loadTextures); ---- Please can someone help me get my custom images to be loaded by the game again? My friend and I are eager to get back into the game and we're just waiting on this last bit of info, thanks everyone.
  3. Doublebrain

    [Free/Resource] 2Brain Items

    I will upload icons in this thread. Every icon uploaded is made by me. Every icon you find in this thread is free to use, credits are optional. I dont know very much about modding so they are no use to me. You can also request icons in this thread, but I dont guarantee that: - The icon will be done in a certain lapse of time. - The icon will meet your expectations. - The icon will be done at all. Of course Im trying to make the best result in a short time, but sometimes I might be just too busy to work on a request. Soy milk Toolbox Backpack
  4. thaidor


    Flares: I just think flares would be a good addition to the game. For example if you are running from a huge horde of zombies and you have no weapons, but a flare. Wouldn't it be cool if you then could throw the flare to draw the attention from you to another place? Be Body types: SCRAPPED When you customize your character, you can choose what body type you want, for example if you choose light and nimble you can run faster, longer and small weapons are most efficient, but when you are attacked you'll loose more health than the bigger body types. If you choose a big body type, you'll be stronger but can't run as fast as the nimble type, nor run as long. And big weapons are most efficient, like a fire axe. If you are hurt by something like a zombie, you'll loose less health than a nimble would do and have a smaller chance of needing a med-kit (A bit like the "thick skinned" trait you get from choosing Construction worker in the customization screen. Change of the game icon: SCRAPPED Sorry, but the circle with red scars on is kind of weird. Something that would be better could be the white zombie standing on top on the "O" and "I" on the logo. ( Why you ask? The icon looks a bit like a game from 2003, a circle with a gradient and three red scars on it. So, try something with maybe less colors, no gradient and at the same time make people see what type of game this is just by looking at the icon.