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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all, I've recently encountered a problem regarding butchering. For some reason, despite having a fresh dead bird and a hunting knife in my primary inventory, I cannot butcher the corpse. No option to butcher has appeared, both when I select the bird and the knife. I've attempted this with both a hunting knife and a kitchen knife, as well as both a bird and a mouse, yet the option still hasn't appeared. Does anyone know of a potential resolution to this problem? Thanks.
  2. TRAPPING MOD FOR PZ v2.9.9.17 By Thuztor (sprites & textures), Nelolis (scripting) and Peanuts (code) Well, time to dig out this mod from the old PZ forum! OK. So, you're feeling like a trapper ? Ok let see that...This mod will let you place traps for catching some meaty and delicious preys. DOWNLOAD LINKpz-mods.net : http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Trappingmodxeno-mods.com : http://xeno-mods.com/mod/157/trapping-mod HOW TO USE THIS MOD When installing this mod, you'll have in your inventory a rat trap, a box trap (something like that) and carrots for the bait.What you have to do
  3. And hello again! At present, hunting in the game is realized very mediocrely. Perhaps, of course, the developers are just waiting for a new animation system. Anyway, I think that the entire PZ community would be very happy to fill empty forests and fields with someone other than zombies. Just imagine what opportunities it gives? Battle with bears, wolves or wild dogs? Chases after hares and deer? Maybe you can even tame any animal! Remember the film «I'm a legend» Of course catch up with such an animal will not be easy, but it will be very fun, especial
  4. 1. I suggest adding noise when stepping on twigs to give a better emotion in having to dodge even in stealth mode, also to warn us of possible zombies. 2. Dig a hole funeral to bury dead zombies or players inside. 3. Construct wormwood to discard spoiled food and make earthworm humus. 4. I would also like to hunt my friends or enemies in multiplayer mode after death (controlling the zombie), it would be exciting.
  5. Animals stay away from urban areas because of the noise, people, and lack of habitat and food. As world erosion sets in, there is no longer any such thing as 'urban' and it should get easier to find birds, squirrels etc everywhere. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. In 2010 we had an earthquake that levelled big parts of the city. Within a few weeks of abandonment, properties were overgrown and plants were invading houses. Within months, abandoned suburbs were habitats for all sorts of birds, insects, and mammals. We could hear bird calls of tui, bellbirds, and other creatures that never
  6. ** Tested on build 30.16, NOT backwards compatible with build 29 ** I play games like Project Zomboid because I like the semi-realistic scenario and challenges to survive. No other mod has given me the realism I've wanted when it comes to food preservation and most specifically, canning. Ultimately, for a game that strikes to immerse the player into the game world, canning food for prolonged preservation shouldn't be as easy as simply putting food in a jar and sealing it. So I decided to make this mod to enhance my own gameplay and that of those that seek more realism from food preservation.
  7. Welcome. This is another one of my many LONG posts as you may know. So as normal I would like to thank you for taking a look at this and warning you, it will be a long post. Now I would like to get to the post so here we go. Let’s start off with a list of the wild animals. · Bear- this is a hostile animal. It takes a good amount of hits to kill and deals massive damage. It can scratch, bite, and stomp. It will only attack if it is defending cubs, defending a kill, has been attacked, or is hungry. They will hunt other large animals but will retreat if they know they can’t win
  8. Dear developers. When will you add animals? Please add the ability to merge gas from gas station when you have already connected the generator (with fuel).
  9. Now, I know animals are going to be implemented. I know dogs are going to be implemented. This is for when animals will be released. I was thinking, why not be able to train wild animals? Sure, it would be hard and time consuming to do, and it may not always work out, but if you were to succeed, then you'd have a companion to weather out the undead storm. I'm a huge fan of Shepherd's Crossing, which is where I originally got this idea from. In Shepherd's Crossing, you could obtain animals like Boars, Roosters, Cats, and even Cows, and use them to hunt. Now, my idea isn't an exact replica of
  10. The humans and any other animals you choose to put into the game should leave blood trails when we're critically injured. Depending on how bad you're bleeding, and how fast you're moving will define how bad the blood spill will be. Which will be a must if we're going to hunt wild animals, that we'd immediately lose as soon as they run out of our viewing distance. But with a blood trail, we have a way of tracking them, and finding where they collapsed. We can save on bullets, as long as you're good at hitting vital areas, or are at least good at critically injuring whatever you hit.
  11. I think when hunting is released (and npcs, this a bit of the same technology needed), you should be able to tame pets, for example, instead of killing an animal, you can try to aproach it, with a feeding item on your hand, and if your lucky (in real life AND with the lucky trait) it might eat it and decide to follow you around, with this you could: -Get a predator to join you, helping you hunt other animals and protecting you from zombies, but will eat a part of the animal they hunt (they need feeding too). -Breed animals, then kill them for meat. -Get animals like chickens and cows, so you
  12. Since there will be some hunting in the game, could be a way of making candles of the animals fat, or from a bee´s hive? (you can also eat the honey).
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