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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Devs and Community! I'd like to request you to add / discuss these features: "Take All" "Transfer All" Hotkey Binding It is already possible to batch transfer items between storages and inventory. Kudos for that, devs. But the implementation of this feature is very cumbersome. In my case it's very tiring for the wrist to aim for the buttons often. It's also mentally uncomfortable. It somehow "mentally feels" very wrong. Instead, I would prefer to press a key to "take all" or "transfer all" to empty or fill the selected inventory. It should also easily be able to implemented, because the essential functions are already present. Auto-Sort Feature I could not find an similar request for this. So there should be a button / key, to auto sort inventory items into surrounding containers. Yes, there is the "transfer all" button present - but that's more or less a quick'n'dirty way to solve storage affairs. A good storage currently involves much mouse movement and micromanagement. But in my case, I get rather bored by having to manually sort in each item over and over again. I don't want to bother with this kind of micromanagement. I'd rather like to focus on other aspects of this game. "Auto-Sort Feature" should be like: Oh, okay. So there are currently 6 containers present (including ground), within the accessible range of the player. Let's take a look, whats inside of these containers. Container1: Oh there is a bunch of nails present. Do we have nails inside the inventory? Oh great, we have 21 of them! So lets put them all into the container. There is also a nice, cuddly spiffo. Do we have a spiffos inside the inventory? Oh dang, no spiffos today. [...] Nothing more. Next container! Container2: Seems to be empty. Mkey - skip that. Neeext! Container3: Oh look! What a nice, beautiful shotgun. [...] etc. Just to clarify / TL;DR: I am trying to suggest a feature (macro?) that empties out the player's inventory into nearby containers. But not like the "transfer all" button - more like a "sort in" feature. It should transfer items to nearby containers 360° around the player, which already contain identical items.
  2. I've grown real fond of the radios in this IWBUMS; whenever I have a moment of peace, I like to listen to whatever news is going on. Still, it's a bit awkward to having to go through the inventory every time you want to equip it. So, I was wondering if it'd be possible to have a hotkey for the Radio, just like we have for the Light or gun.
  3. Hello! Brilliant game, thanx for it. About my suggestion. For example i have 10 planks and saw in my primary inventory and want to make sticks from all of this planks. So i need 10 times RMB click, picking "make stick", then LMB click and so on. A little boring. If there a hotkey - "R" (repiet) for example, which repiet my last action. Maybe this hotkey may be more complicated. Its remember any last action (sowing log), and if i come near an other log, and press R, its automatically sowing it. Or "take all". Or something else. Well, i am a keyboard hotkey maniac and wont more. More hotkeys, plz! P.S. And possibility to appoint 2 or 3 or how many i wont keys to standart action (its one for now). I want run with MMB and with Shift both, but for now i can only choose one. No, i make simple autohotkey script But in-game possibility can be nice. Good luck with game.
  4. Just some suggestions I've thought of since I started playing again. Ability to hotkey any item in the inventory. Ability to hotkey to primary, secondary, or both hands. Ability to lock camera in certain direction, ex: while running from West Point to Muldraugh it would be cool to set the camera so it hangs to the southwest so I can have a heads-up if someone is coming from the other direction without having to aim. I believe this would balance itself out because you would lose visibility to the rear. Ability to paint doors. It's cool to plaster constructed walls then paint them, but then having the constructed door looks lame. I thought of these while playing multiplayer. It really is a lot more fun than I expected, I usually stick to singleplayer.
  5. Did you ever run into a horde after shopping at the groceries? Are you into B&E but unable to choose between the flatscreen and the piano? Have you ever wondered how to easily access your inventory and get rid of that piano while frantically using your mouse to smash said horde? If you can answer all three questions with 'yes' then this little script might just be the solution for you. Description: This mod adds a hotkey ( 'x' by default) to swiftly dump an equipped bag in order to reduce encumberance. It will only acknowledge bags and only those equipped in your hands or on your back. The order is Primary Hand -> Secondary Hand -> Back; one push for each item. Installation: 1. Copy zip to the PZ root-directory, right click on the file and select 'Extract Here'. 2. Hit 'Yes' if asked to overwrite folders. 3. Delete zip. Future Plans: Probably a weight-flavoured system. Or even better menu-based which allows for dragging the order. Known Issues: Not working with .10 Desura build TurnTail.zip
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