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Found 2 results

  1. I've had this little top 3 list in my head for a little while now and wanted to throw it at the modding community. These are the 3 mods that I think would improve the gameplay the most (in no particular order): 1. Horses: A big problem with getting around in PZ is the travel time on foot. If your going from Muldraugh to West Point, duuuuude, such a long walk. There have been mods attempting to address the issue, like the various car mods. Hydrocraft added horses to an earlier build, but since then the devs implemented a 3d engine to model the characters. It seems like something that is doable, having mountable horses. It would be fun to herd zombie hordes on horseback. It would be crazy to get swallowed by a horde while riding a horse, too. Anyway, I hope someone will consider approaching it. 1b. Some kind of modding tools for the PZ3D engine. 'nuf said. 2. Zombie Mode... Mod: I don't know about the rest of you, but I die so much. So much of the time I spend dying. And sometimes I find my character has died in an interesting scenario, and I just watch to see where it goes. But what would make that so much more fun, would be if you could control your shambling corpse. I want to be able to go bust in windows and knock down doors, maybe kill another survivor or two with the Survivors Mod (I love that mod). It would also be cool to be able to gather a horde with you as you go, depending on the settings for the zombies in that scenario. 3. Climbing!!!: I can't believe I almost forgot to mention CLIMBING!!!! Why is it there are ladders that you can't climb? Why can't you climb ropes? We need to be able to do these things! Someone, please! It's the one element missing in having true safehouses. you can take the stairs out, but you can't climb back up to that second floor, all safe and above the reach of the dead. This is the mod that everyone needs. Like I said, I'm throwing these ideas out there, because I have them and I just hope we'll see mods like them someday. Thanks.
  2. Having horses in the game would be nice because it's not OP because you have to feed it but then the advantage is obviously you travel on it. This has a up side and a down side. I know what the next question is, "how would you find one without making the game unrealistic?" Well, simple, just have built in farms on the map, just a few, and have animals in them like pigs and things and there, if you're lucky, they'll be horses. I wouldn't suggest having lots of grown crops on the farm or this would make the game a bit easy, and I understand you guys don't want that.
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