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Found 2 results

  1. The Project Zomboid community has been receiving more and more members and spectators into its community ever since its release, with most of them arriving after the steam release. I offered to make a new member thread in this thread here, so here it is! So go ahead and say hi, new and recent members!
  2. Hey guys, I just thought about something, when NPC's and Multiplayer come along, there should be a way to see if a player or NPC is injured (bitten or scratched mainly), whether it be a modification to the graphics, or a menu that shows the status of someone (much like your own one), of course the graphical modification would be better but I understand it would be pretty time consuming to make all the different body parts and directions. I just thought, because I believe there is a chance of surviving a bite (2%?), imagine you were this guy in multiplayer who shows off his bite from a year ago, "Yeah. Yeah, you see this? Yeah, I survived, bitch" that sort of thing. And of course if someone has been bitten they could easily be the zombie apocalypse suicide bomber, hiding out in your base to die from a bite, and thus turn into a zombie in the base. If we could see the bite then it would be harder for people to do this. Just a quick thought, I think this would be a good idea though.
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