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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, So i was playing with my burglar yesterday and i came across a barricaded door, i wanted to enter that said door but i didnt have a hammer, only a CROWBAR, which i could use it to take the planks of something irl but i could'nt for some reason in the game. And then i had an idea: Let make a mod! I was looking trough out the files trying to find the expecific file or line to make a .lua script and add the function to the crowbar in game, but i could'nt. So i was wondering if someone out there can tell me how the hell can i do that? A simple as add a function to something is making my head hurt, im not too familiar with lua or java, but i have SOME xp in programming. So please, help me. I just need to add the ability to unbarricade stuff with a crowbar and nothing more Thanks and sorry if my english is a bit broken, its not my first language! (allready read some tutorials i found but i coud'nt find the how to add function to itens like this) (also, thanks again )
  2. I do everything following the guide but I can't do it correctly please help Me
  3. Why does the split screen not work I went to the website and got the code typed it in and then I launched it it was build 30 I had all the new world options and everything but why does the split screen not work? I tapped A on my xbox controller (with windows router by the way) in character creation and nothing happened So I went to turn on the controller options so I turned all of them on and still nothing,what do I do? please I was really looking forward to this.
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