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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome and I would like to start by saying I didn’t take any ideas, these are mine and I had these for months. Second I would like to thank you for taking the time to read it. It means a lot. Now without any more interruptions here are my suggestions. Now winter is a problem in Project Zomboid for sure. The only real way to combat this is by sweaters and a campfire. Now my suggestion is the system of heat but before that I need to cover some other things that would play a part in this. The system overview- I say make it so each room has its own temperature, the outdoor has its own too. The temperature would work almost like the locks at the Panama Canal. When a room is open to the outside the temperature slowly balances to the outside temperature since opening a door won’t change the outside temperature. Doing so with rooms however will balance them to a mid-level of balance. For example a room A is 70 Room B is 80. When connected the temperature becomes 75. This does take time so opening a door for a second won’t drop the room temp instantly. Temperature Control- These things help cool or heat the player and/or safehouse: · Thermostat- this is a little panel like the light switch that allows the temperature of the house to be changed. It could be set to choose presets like Hot, Cold, Warm, and such or in a way where you can control the temperature by putting in number. (using Fahrenheit) Setting 80 would put it to a warm temperature while setting it to 40 would be a cold temperature. This would be a major part in the system. · Ceiling fans- these just provide slight cooling when on. It requires power. · Heater- these small little items are placed down near power sources and provide heat to the room. · Small Fan- these are like the heater but provide cooling instead of heating. · Generators- this is like a very poor heater. It provides some heat but very little. · Players- players produce heat and being in a room can make it warmer. · Insulation- when you knock down walls you will find this fluffy pink stuff. Making walls using it (requires a higher carpentry skill) will keep the house warmer or cooler for long as you will see in the system. · Lights- having lights on will also heat up a room or area. · Working fridge- this will produce some heat while powered. · Stove- when it’s on it will heat up the room. · Swamp coolers- these will cool down a room fast but are noisy and take power and water. · Heated stone- this can be held to warm you up. It is made by putting a rock in a fire. It can cause burns on hands if pulled out when it’s too hot. · Cold packs- now these can be used to cool a player by having it on a secondary. · Wet towel- these can be used to cool a player if in secondary. Now for a list of factors that will alter the room’s temperatures: · Doors- this will be the major point of temperature change. It is a major loss speed when open and very little when closed. · Windows- these are the second major point in the system. Having them open cause’s moderate temperature change, while having it closed it still changes but slower. Having curtains slows this even more and if you have it boarded it also slows it a little bit more. · Walls- these doo cause very VERY slight temperature loss. It’s even slower if they have insulation but player made walls at low levels do decrease faster. · Roofs- like the wall this is so very slight, player made ones are worse. · Flooring- tile and laminate cool faster and will lower room temperatures while being great insulation. Dirt is very poor at insulation. Carpet is really good insulation and keeps the room warmer but at the cost of lower insulation. Wood is ok at insulation and gets better as the levels go higher. The pavement and cement both hold and store a ton of heat during summer. They also could injure your feet if you are barefooted when hot. They also hold the cool temperature in the winter. Now for the major system descriptions and non-variables: The whole system revolves around each room having their own temperature. These are chosen when the game starts by the season chosen so you don’t have freezing houses in winter and such. Second the outside temp can’t be changed but the temperature around a house can be. If you are in front of an open door of a cold house while outside is hot the air reaches about 3 tiles out getting stronger as you grow closer and same with windows and other factors. Now a room can generate heat by the list of items at top so you can leave doors open and manage to keep the same temperature but it requires major power. That’s just about all of it so any questions or comments please leave down below.
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