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Found 2 results

  1. I know hauling furniture around will be possible sometime in the future, but i've been looking at the code for generator interaction and it seems (to a layman) it would be pretty simple to "reverse engineer" it to work with other objects (mini-fridges please). Am i underestimating this? Would anyone be interested in cutting our wait short and modding this? EDIT: Ooops, i just noticed there's several other posts requesting some form or another of getting more fridges on your base... Sorry for doubleposting! My only saving grace is, seeing that there is indeed a lot of interest in this, reiterating the request is not entirely without merit (though a tad spammy). Rephrased the title of this post to reflect that. I'm very curious to know why such a popular feature has yet to convince any modders to roll up their sleeves...
  2. How about a wheelbarrow or a wagon for hauling supplies or logs and etc? I am sure there are plenty of them in Kentucky. But make them difficult to be crafted, and have some negative impacts from using it. you get tired faster, can't sprint, you have to let go of it to swing a weapon. It would be great for hauling logs or planks for construction. It could even break after X amount of use and need repaired with X amount of parts, so it would be stuck where it is and you have to fix it on the spot. I can just imagine pulling a wagon full of supplies and getting surrounded by a horde and then leaving it only to be stolen by someone else in the server. haha
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