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Found 10 results

  1. ZombieHunter

    Sound Indicators

    I apologize I am no artist, nor am I fan of using GIMP, but I gave it a shot. Character in image is from, One nice QoL feature that would be nice to have to increase player awareness and survivability are Sound indicators that appear around the player's feet. These sound indicators change color and trigger based on the type and distance of the sound. How it would Work; A wave generates which is roughly at a 60 degree arc in the general direction of where the sound is coming from. This wave could be tied to skill and perks. Hard of hearing for example could drastically reduce distance to appear Survivalist could have more precise wave angles and detect nearby enemies better. The further away the more waves that appear ( upto 3 ) Waves only appear if you do not see the source of the sound There are 3 colors and 3 Waves Colors: Red - Zombie \ Non-Group Player either running or moaning. If zombie is shambling and quiet it only triggers within 4 tiles. If player is crouching and sneaking only triggers in 1 tile. Grey - Unknown - Player \ Zombie hitting against something, door opening, etc Blue - Something breaking \ gun shooting \ essentially loud sudden noise. Distance 1 wave = within 5 tiles 2 waves = 5 - 10 tiles 3 waves = +10 tiles Advantages It helps people who are hearing impaired play the game Helps people with poor speakers play the game It gives players more tactical information direction of sound to compensate for fog of war
  2. Please, add support to scale the GUI, because if you use high resolutions, Its impossible to read the text or menues. You should add an option to scale up the gui to be adjusted to high DPI monitors (like in minecraft).
  3. This game's interface seems heavily influenced from Wurm (also a Java game). While that's good in some respects, it's bad in others. From Why can't items be combined outside of the main player inventory container? So annoying having to move everything just to combine them! Certain items can't be combined. Seems silly to me why thread, twine, and wire can't be combined individually (obviously not different materials on the same reel/spool). It's especially odd that wire can't be combined considering other types of wire (copper, steel, etc) can. I just checked \media\scripts\items.txt and it shows thread as "type = drainable" and newitems.txt (same folder) shows twine and wire as drainable too so why aren't these items able to be "poured" (combined) together (individually)?! Maybe Hydrocraft is screwing it up? I couldn't find these items listed (aside from in recipes) in any of Hydrocraft's \media\scripts\*.txt so maybe something else is overriding the "drainability" of these items? I see a red box appear in the bottom right corner at times while right-clicking things in my inventory so I checked console.txt and perhaps these errors are causing a problem with combining certain items? Why is combining non-liquid things still called "pour"? Seems "combine" or "mix" would be a better general-purpose term for everything... From : Craft window: the left-side list of things to craft is VERY cluttered. Why not have expandable menus that have the root action/function (box, build, bury, clean, close, craft, drill, jar, make, open, pack, place, refill, remove, stack, take, unbox, unpack, unstack, wash, etc) listed that right-expand with all the additional functions? Having to use the name filter all the time gets annoying fast. An option to list/sort by item would also be nice instead of only listing alphabetically by action/function so instead of listing by action/function the list is by item (ammo, logs, seeds, etc). Clicking the scrollbar should move the window pane position down and clicking the scrollbar down arrow does nothing. Tab should move between form fields (text input, radio, checkbox, etc) and double-clicking a word should select it (triple-click selects all text in field). Mousewheel scrolling in a pane, then alt-tabbing out of and back into the game should not reset the pane position to the selected item and instead leave the pane scrolled to where it was before alt-tabbing. New: Craft window needs a global tab search instead of only each tab. So annoying especially with Hydrocraft! Pinned status of craft and health windows isn't remembered on game load. Inventory columns need to be thinner and need a weight column. Stack tooltip should show quantity. Can't always see quantity with narrow columns and small font. Favoriting (starring) a craft recipe scrolls list all the way to top. List position should remain and not reset, requiring having to scroll all the way BACK to where the still-selected recipe is.
  4. If you click and hold down your mouse on "Overall Body Status" on the health screen, you can drag the character display anywhere you want.
  5. What every server browser has today in games 1.Filter to make full or empty server invincible 2.Filter that makes server with an specific ping invincible 3.Filter that make password protected servers invincible 4.Filter that shows how many days has past ingame (wish for Zomboid) 5.Filter anything from the server specific modes/options 6.Filter to show how many time an Server was Online/Offline to filter out unstable ones
  6. Saureco

    Quick Drop function please!

    Would it be possible to code in a new button config that provides for a "drop all bags" button? After an unfortunate death last night of a good character, I got caught kinda off guard by a couple zeds, which quickly turned into 4 or 5. I had intended to quickly open inventory to drop my overweight dumbness, but that GUI is just too cumbersome to pull that off in the middle of a shove-swing-stomp fiasco. I could have made it out had there been a key that allows you to drop any equipped bags (hence, overloading weight). Granted that any overloading weight on your immediate self would be tantamount to suicide anyway, but being able to drop bags by keystroke (say, ~ or Backspace) could mean the difference between life and zombification.
  7. It rustles my jimmies that while the nutrition (hunger) for food and remaining condition of weapons is neatly displayed when you expand the item in inventory, it doesn't show the remaining amount of drainable items and water containers, making you having to hover on each item to figure out which item is partialy depleted and which is not. It's less problem for water as you can pour water from one container to another, it's really problematic with other items, if you want to take a item with more uses on you or use up the ones that are partially empty to gain some extra weight in containers, since you can't combine them (another feature I'd love to see BTW). I know the UI update is coming down the road (I think!), but would be nice to see that before it anyway
  8. sec_goat

    Help with lanching basic GUI

    I would liek to say I am a decent programmer, but I am finding myself a tad stumped. I was lookign at this thread which tells me how to make a basic pop up window, which is what I want to start with. I understand the basics of what is happening. But whnat i don't under stand is hwo to make this window show? knwo I can hook in to the Events.OnKeyPressed or somehting like this to launch the window on the right keypress, however, what function do I need to call to make this modal show? Thanks!
  9. Buddah

    Persistant UI layout

    Currently, the UI layout is not saved across new games, forcing the player to reposition the menus to his favorite position each and every game. I suggest saving the layout information (visibility and position of menus) and loading this on every new game/load.
  10. Hello, all! I'm just wondering how i would go about creating a simple GUI box in-game that has a text box and a button on it when a player presses a key? There's some Clydes in it for you if you help! ;D