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Found 4 results

  1. While working on my base, I have noticed that it does not appear possible to place walls on the north side of north-south facing graves. I initially noticed this while trying to place a wall between two graves to close the gaps. I have been using graves to mark off the perimiter where I want to build up a double/hollow wall to surround my safehouse, and the quickest way to wall off the area between the inner walls of the towers and the inner wall of the curtain wall would have been to place the wall between the two graves that happen to line up there. This did not work, so I figured I'd just do it "properly" and build around the walls, getting some work done on the towers in the process. However as I did this I noticed that I still couldn't place walls on the north sides of north-south oriented graves. It doesn't seem to matter if the graves are open or filled, and it only seems to happen on the north side. I don't think I've checked east-west oriented graves, but I don't recall having any trouble with those. I have attached a screenshot of the issue. I made sure I had all the materials and tools required to place a wall frame before taking the picture, so it's unlikely to be a case of PEBCAK (though it might be a case of "a feature, not a bug.") I hope this is enough information?
  2. We have mass graves but I haven't seen any single person graves in the game. It would be a nice addition especially for online RP servers.
  3. Since it seems that the dead at all times must be buried since the avg player does not know which the shape of zones they are in I was wondering if we can get rid of some tediousness of burying the dead. What I am asking would be a simple right click macro only activated when you right click on a corpse that you can use that would find the nearest open grave and go pick up the corpse and drop it in. As a very active fighter I build up a high body count at all times and now being forced to bury the dead, or get sick and die, it is getting to the point of to much micro managing the game it it is starting to wear on me. I can see the idea of implementing this but your going to have to add something to ease the long term playing, and repeat playing, of the game or your going to push a portion of your players out of the game.
  4. I'm new here but I've played the game for awile and I've read disscussions on the thread. Nobody seems to have thought about this and I'd love to see it in game. Burials/Burnings When NPC's are out, I'd love to see something about how the group(and your charater) will feel. What if... When an NPC survivor dies, and you have the body, you can bury them. In the game, we will be able to burn corpses of zombies so when survivors are added we should be able to do that to their body's too. For a burial, we can dig a hole in the ground (like with farming) and if we have the body in our inventory, we can put the body in the hole as a sort of grave. Then, for a headstone, you could get a plank or something to put by the grave. If it's wood, you could carve in a few words for your fellow survivor. Example, "R.I.P. Billy Bob You were a jerk" or whatever you want really. For burnings, you will hold a ceromony and burn the body there. I'll talk about ceromonies in a bit. These can help other survivors move on depending on personality.Ceromonies If you are in a group, you can hold a ceromony for the dead survivor. You and your group would go and say some kind words about the dead victim at a the grave or before you burn the corpse. At the ceromony, survivors can talk about the fallen, depending on their relationship with them and events that took place even (That's a stretch) they will say different things. Example, Survivor 1 hated Billy Bob so he says "Can't say I'll miss him." or something while Survivor 2 loved Billy Bob and says stuff like "He saved my life, he will be missed"Wishes Another interesting feature would be that some charaters will want to be buried or burned in death. You could come across this in conversations and stuff or a survivor might be in a graveyard and say "I'd hate to be buried in a cold dark coffin." And you may remeber that if you want to bury them and decide to burn them instead. This would depend on personality and maybe if the survivor has a certain religion.Wrap Up Overall, I think this would be a great feature for role playing in a group. You could have a small (or large) graveyard at your base of fallen survivors. This would add some depth to charaters and I think it would be great. This could be added after survivors have been released too. Note: All these options to do with the dead would all be optional (You may just want to leave the bodies where they are or you might not even have recovered the body... Who knows?)
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