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Found 1 result

  1. Guys you have all been great, the mod team, the dev team, the admin team and most importantly everyone I love from the forums. My steam got hijacked I'm sure all you know, given the current situation I probably won't be back on an official basis. I'm not leaving forever, I still want to talk to my friends. But you'll see me around very rarely from now on. I just wanted to thank all of y'all for the great time we had, the memories (oh and there were plenty of those) and mostly not even in the game, just here on the forums. Y'all are fantastic. To Lemmy and the rest of the dev team and everyone else, mods and users alike thank you for being here. When I first found PZ I was in a dark place, not unlike the game which is why I think it attracted me. But I found that the team and the community as a whole made it far less dark, y'all helped me through a rough time and y'all didn't even realize it. Ever since the old forums I was in a depressed state and I would come back to the most depressing game imaginable for a boost. Thank all of you for having me. I'll be back from time to time, but I need to focus on some more personal problems right now. Now that I'm able to video games seems like the least of my concerns. But thank you all for being survivors. I'll be around and if y'all want to kick it and just have a chat, hit me up. Not my Steam that's blocked and I think currently controlled by Russians? Whatever, but if you want to talk to me then feel free. Again love to everyone and honestly if none of this happened, it still would have happened. I still would have had to make at least a temporary exist, primarily due to personal reasons. Thank you all for being so unbelievably perfect and amazing though. I mean it.
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