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Found 3 results

  1. Project Farmoid version 0.75c is out! Trellis kits now function as a separate farming plot. Once you have a trellis kit and either a shovel or a trowel, you will be able to place them just like you would a farming plot. Once placed, trellis kits can be planted with their own list of seeds. If you remove the plot, you will get the trellis kit back, regardless of whether there are vines growing on it or not. After you have harvested your vines, the plot will revert back to an unplanted trellis plot ready to be reseeded! You must be farming level 2 and have read the magazine Better Shelters and Farms in order to make your own trellis kits. However, if you find a trellis kit in some loot, you can use that right away, regardless of your farming level. This also means you can steal trellises that someone else has already planted. Keep an eye on your gardens! This new system fixes the bug that consumed more than 1 trellis kit when planting vines. Adjusted vegetable yields to balance them out more. Loot distribution has also been adjusted to balance out reusable trellis kits and the increase in farmable crops. Let me know if it seems appropriate for your loot settings. Thank you for using my mod! Keep calm and farm on! -K A video showing the change highlights can be found at: Project Farmoid v0.75c Update Highlights
  2. I have had a few years of growing fruits and vegetables, so I really like that one can grow their own food in PZ too. But I feel that the farming element of PZ is rather unbalanced, compared to how gardening works in real life. Plainly put, some plants are much too easy to grow, the rest too hard. My main examples are carrots and radishes (C&R). In real life these are two of the easiest vegetables to grow; whereas in PZ, they’re the two hardest to grow! Practically impossible, I would say. I have never been to grow either of them to harvest in PZ in a ’survival mode’ game, only in a sandbox world set with a drier-than-normal climate (which means all other veggies suffer from lack of water as a result). In PZ, there is also no such thing as over-watering the other plants (broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, strawberries and tomatoes), but this too also doesn’t reflect how things work in real life. Although under-watering is more often a problem, plants can be overwatered easily causing root rot, mildew or blight, and I think that PZ ought to work like this too. My suggestion would be to raise the total amount of water needed to grow ‘C&R’ closer to 70, and lower the water needs of ‘the other plants’ to 90, and also reduce the amount that falls in storms quite a bit. This would make it simultaneously easier to grow all crops, and harder to just bugger off for days at a time during hot weather and expect your plants to still be alive and thriving when you get back. It would also make ‘C&R’ actually usable in the game, because right now you can only find them in fridges or in seed form. The other suggestion I have is regarding diseases. IRL, plants are more susceptible to certain diseases. Potato gets blight, cabbage suffers from the larvae of cabbage white butterflies, carrots get carrot fly, and tomatoes get mildew, etc. The following is an idea I had of which plants should be hardest hit by which diseases (but they can also suffer from the other diseases to a lesser chance and severity): Susceptible to pest flies: Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots Susceptible to mildew:Tomatoes, Strawberries Susceptible to Devil’s Water Fungi: Potatoes, Radishes There you go. Any thoughts?
  3. Just a quick suggestion; I think that basic gardening should be doable with no tools, as is possible in real life. If you have seeds and maybe a watering can at most, you could plant and water them and get results. Of course, to grow a very productive garden, tools would be necessary.. but I think it should be more accessible to start up in the early stages before needing to go looking everywhere for spades and such. *edit: Actually a watering can would even be unnecessary, as you could use a mug or bowl or any container to transfer water. This would likely take much much more time to water larger areas than using a watering can, which motivates you to get one eventually.
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