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Found 1 result

  1. Yeap. Couple of my ideas, how to diversify game, especially a part with houses and bases. 1. Less canned, more healthy food in houses. In mostly houses there are only canned food at the kitchen, and some others in the fridge. Its not realistic, it should be more vegetables, fruits, cereals, sweets. 2. Kitchen table as a container. Make kitchen table as a container, so you can put food on it. Also may be as a spawn for spoons, bowls etc. because every house has a table in a kitchen. Will bee userful for MP, for example you can put food on the table (especially when you are plaing as a chief) and your friends can easily take it from the table, no need to search all containers on your base to find smth to eat. 3. Cellars Cellars will be very userful in game, you can make there storage of your materials, or hide there from zombies and survive for a long time. Cellars should be in bigger houses, no need to make them everywhere. I know that is hard ro realize, but it will be cool to see it in game. 4. Washing machines Yeah, I know many people offered this idea, and I am one of them. It can work like a generator - simply put bleach in, load with your clothes, turn in and let it wash. Or other way to wash your clothes - with soap, buth then you need 1 piece if soap for 1 element of clothing. 5. Garage doors Make existing green and white garage doors opening, just like standard doors. Also white doors are 2 tiles wide, and they looks too small, beter make it wider. In some places a full-sized gates for cars are very necessary. 6.Fireplaces In some houses out of the city, also in mansions, would be great to make a fireplace, where you can burn newspapers, books and money when outside severe zombie apocalypse! 7.Air conditioners Outside of some houses, on the walls there are air conditioners, it will be cool, if you could turn it on, and chill out, especially when outside are superhot wether. 8. Bigger water bottles. 0,4 and 0,8 are to small bottles, game needs 1.5, 2, and even 5 liter bottles.
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