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Found 2 results

  1. Just interested to see other peoples bases and stuff. Heres mine! nothing special, i'm held up at the church in WP atm. Also fi you could give a little info on your character or what you've done in your world that'd be cool to. World is about 8 months old, been all over the map in search for a sledgehammer. started in west point and worked my way up to the giant mall. Cleared it out went down to muldraugh then finally found one! "city" part of WP is cleared and the giant Mall is also cleared Previously lived in the hunting lodge with a different character but he got mauled to death in the mall. I found him on my 6 month character and he was a zombie. UPDATE: I was working so hard on my base that I forgot to eat and collapsed to the floor dead from what my best guess is starvation. Spent weeks on that character...gonna drink bleach IRL now.
  2. Over a two months (game time), Hundreds of supply runs, few close deaths by falling down, and many killed zombies, I managed to do this. I didn't know, should I post this here.
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