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Found 3 results

  1. Playing on Build 40.32. My character has no perks affecting vision. Lighting mode is set to 'Normal' in sandbox settings. God Mode was enabled - tiredness etc was not a factor in these screenshots. I've noticed some real inconsistencies with lighting, particularly around the time of day, and whether or not post-processing has been enabled. The pictures really do speak for themselves, but here are a few points. Between about 11:30 pm and 4:30 am - Lights on cars seem to not work at all. Flashlights have a very blue tint / are almost invisible. Streetlights seem mostly unaffected. During the night, if post-processing is *enabled* - the ambient light is much brighter, to the point where one would not need a flashlight to see, giving them an advantage. During the night, flashlights seem almost completely useless. Vehicle headlights _are_ completely useless. Last night, playing in a multiplayer session, I noticed the change with car lights almost instantly. The blue/practically invisible car lights jarringly switched to the visible/illuminated cone sometime between 4 and 5 am. (These sandbox settings were set to Dark, rather than Normal - which all screenshots were taken on) Here are the screenshots I've taken this morning. The difference speaks for itself, really. 11pm- Post Processing OFF 11pm - Post Processing ON 12:30am - Post Processing OFF 12:30am - Post Processing ON 5am - Post Processing OFF 5am - Post Processing ON All of these screenshots were taken directly after another, going in and changing post-processing option, hitting apply, and okay. The weather was fine during taking these screenshots. The only time I had moved, was to check the car lights were even switched on (and battery not dead etc) at the 12:30am. The times the photos were taken are visible in the clock, and as you can see, there are no cats eyes perk etc. As god mode was enabled, I did not become tired etc - so that has not affected my vision.
  2. I would like to point out that there is no place on the whole map where one NEEDS to hold a flashlight to see something. Cool effect: If you're spending time in a well lit room, and are then transitioning into a darker area, the eyes take a lot of time to adapt.
  3. I know the topic of duct taping a flashlight to a shotgun has been discussed many times, but what about the pistol? Not mounting or duct taping, but dual-carry? You could equip the pistol in the primary slot and the flashlight as secondary. The pistol is already a single slot carry anyways. You would take a hit to accuracy, since it's already dark, and your other hand won't be able to brace against recoil. There would probably be a longer delay between shots as you recover from the recoil slower. It would REALLY make those night loot runs a little more fun. I usually avoid looting/clearing houses at night, but with this option, I think it would add to the suspense and give people an option for night Ops (or a false sense of security leading to death).
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