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Found 3 results

  1. I was quite pleased that the lake actually has limited fish, because after a month of fishgrinding, there's none anymore (might be a seasonal thing, it's about the end of October ingame, I'm not entirely familiar with the system). Anyways, a way to put some fish in lake for it to reproduce would be nice.
  2. Sorry if already suggested, I can be a silly goose sometimes. Fish needs to be cooked, as it can contain parasites while raw IRL (not sure if them fish worms are as lethal as pigs' armed tapeworm) but still atleast food poisoning would do. I have strong stomach ingame, but the icon doesn't even say "dangerous uncooked" nor I had any poisoning from raw fish. Edit: highly exploitable for not having to waste fuel or time
  3. My suggestion is that we add corn to the game. Oh wait! It is already in the game! It is located at the North Farm in Muldraugh. Now hold on... Then what am I suggesting? Well as of now we can pick and eat corn, but we can't grow it ourselves. So I suggest that we add it as a player-grown crop. I imagine it would be the easiest new plant to add with the sprite and stats already set for it. Wait! I heard fishing... Yes! If you are an avid fisherman like myself :cool: then you probably know that corn kernels are commonly used for fishing bait. They might just be more popular than worms! Probably a regional thing. Anyways, you could use a kitchen knife and a cob of corn and get like 20 corn kernels. Now to keep a little balance in the game (so it is a risk to use food to catch more food), the rate for cathing fish would be: Small Fish - 80% Medium Fish - 18% Large Fish - 2% To add to the balance, you could have it that your bait goes bad faster and you have to put on new bait (or maybe a fish stole it! ).
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